multiplayer for hello infinity was released last week, and since then, players from all over the world have been checking out the gameplay. While the title was undoubtedly a huge success for Xbox at launch, new details have helped reveal just how well it is performing.

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Recently, new information from the Microsoft Store took into account the number of people playing hello infinity, According to Microsoft, the first-person shooter developed by 343 Industries is the #1 free game on Xbox in both the UK and the US. This news comes from the “Top Free Games” chart found on the Microsoft Store. This is an impressive feat because it means it has beaten the legendary titles Call of Duty: Warzone And fortnite, for the record, warzone second on the list, while fortnite sits at 9th position.


In addition to topping the free-to-play charts in the UK and US, the game has done remarkably well on Steam. Immediately after multiplayer launch, hello infinity Became the most successful Xbox Game Studios title ever on the platform. However, this initial success continued in the days following its release. According to Steam Charts, it is ranked fourth on its list of “Top Games” with 113,993 current players. In addition, it generated a total of 256,619 . established an impressive all-time peak concurrent player of

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These new details suggest that the decision to create a multiplayer component of hello infinity Free-to-play was the right move. Although the popularity of the series will sell copies of the game, removing the barrier to entry makes it even easier for players to join online matches.

Beyond these already impressive numbers, the game could be poised to spark another surge in popularity in just a few weeks. campaign for hello infinity Will launch on December 8th, giving players a chance to continue the Master Chief’s narrative. With the obvious hype surrounding the story, it looks like more players will be interested in examining this single-player side of the experience. Even popular streamers like Shroud have commented that they are excited to see the latest campaign set on Zeta Halo’s new ring.

While about the popularity of this news hello infinity Perhaps not to the surprise of many fans, this is still a positive sign for the future. It will be interesting to see what further plans the developers at 343 Industries will have to keep the game relevant once the campaign is released. Only time will tell how long this title will retain its place in the popularity charts.

hello infinity It will release on December 8 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Multiplayer Beta is now available.

Source: Microsoft

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