there’s a lot of excitement all around hello infinityAnd, as the game’s launch day approaches, more and more information about the title has been leaked online. As of now, fans have been able to view the full Battle Pass rewards for the entire first season of the game’s online multiplayer.

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Posted on the subreddit r/Halo yesterday, Reddit user GeauxAndrew showed a graphic he assigned to the leaked images hello infinity Multiplayer Rewards. According to him, the information originated in a aura The leaked Discord server and Battle Pass were posted by the same person who leaked armor pieces, gun charms, and information about the Spartans earlier this month.


it is known that hello infinity There will be a Battle Pass system similar to other contemporary shooters for some time, but eventually being able to see what types of items will be available to players will allow them to make more informed purchases when the game finally releases in December. may help. auraAccording to 343 Industries, the system will be different from the others, however, in that there will be no random loot boxes.

Leaked Halo Infinite Season Pass (I added pictures for all items) From

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The images included in the original Reddit post were added by GeauxAndrew and do a good job of showing what players can expect from progress in battle hello infinity. There will be two types of progression in the game, paid and free, but the graphic details the disparity between the two. Every single level gives people who have paid some kind of interesting cosmetic for the pass, while free players are just earning items every other level and most of the rewards aren’t cosmetic-based.

The leakers haven’t found everything in Battle Pass yet, so there are many missing images, but it’s clear that hello infinity taking a lot of inspiration from Halo Reach Earlier this year the confirmation for season 1 was done by 343 industries. Looks like the game will pay tribute to many different eras aura throughout his life, so it makes sense infinite to begin with paying tribute Access Because this is the first game in the timeline.

and many more hello infinity Leaked from small details like the fact that it will include a detailed photo mode for major story leaks after the first hello infinity Multiplayer Technical Preview. very aura Fans are content with waiting for the final release to see everything the game has to offer, but others are concerned about the content included with the game’s launch as 343 recently announced that Forge Mode and Some fan-favorite elements like campaign co-op will be added after the fact.

hello infinity Will launch on December 8 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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