hello infinity,s The surprise launch was a special feast for fans of the franchise, as the full game isn’t slated to debut for a few more weeks. whereas hello infinites The multiplayer beta has been well received as far as gameplay goes, progress has been another issue entirely. The Battle Pass’ challenge progress system has caused problems in and out of matches, frustrating players. However, 343 Industries has since put a band-aid on the problem, making progress much faster. Unfortunately, hello infinityThe K Tenrai program needs some love now too.

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On the internet, fans have been pouring in information about the Battle Pass of the Tenrai event. Although it’s free, players are only able to advance Tenrai Event Pass by completing event challenges, which are capped and share slots with other weekly challenges. Basically, if players get stuck with a suite of non-event challenges that they have trouble completing, it can block progress entirely and make progress more difficult. However, there are other issues that are even more controversial.


The Tenrai event will recur five times during Season One, so players will have other opportunities to unlock rewards in the Free Pass. Those who want to complete the pass this week have bad luck. Tenrai Event Pass cannot be completed in the first week because its challenges are limited, which is proving to be a major issue for some players.

This incident is another step in the wrong direction From

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Pointing to another problem hello infinityHas an in-game store, which currently contains armor sets based on the Tenrai event. Players find that it is impossible to obtain Event Armor pieces during the first week, a play by 343 Industries to get more players to purchase the “Premium” option in the shop, with some calling it a hefty price tag. Tags accept. Them.

So far, due to the number of customization options and the speed at which players can earn them hello infinity Enough trouble. The challenge-based progression system is largely at fault here, as the snail’s pace that players were able to progress in the first few days of the beta fuels the perception that customization was limited. It’s hard to shake the notion that all players looked the same because they couldn’t earn new gear, and with some players still stuck on passes at lower levels.

On a positive note, 343 Industries is responding well to player feedback. The developer is planning a massive change in hello infinityProgress in the future, although it has stressed that such a change will take time. However, only time will tell whether these changes will come soon enough.

hello infinity Now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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