Halo Infinite tips: 10 things to know before starting

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after months delay, dispute And People taking out mickeys from a beast named CraigHello Infinite is finally about to go live. Good news: Hello Infinite absolutely rules. I know because I reviewed it, using words like “Hello Infinity Is a Shocking Return to Form.”

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Bad news: Fans of the series will be surprised to discover some of the tactics developed for cruising through previous Halo games on “Heroic” difficulty don’t always work. So, for this purpose, I’ve decided to put together some general advice for those just starting to play Halo Infinity’s single player mode. The game’s free-to-play multiplayer there is a whole story,

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1. Choose Heroic Difficulty


Your mileage may vary, but if you’re a seasoned Halo player who wants to get the most out of Halo Infinity, I recommend making “Heroic” harder than the harder “Legendary” or the easier “Normal” .

Normal is a little too straight forward. Once you find your groove I think it will look a lot easier. Heroic is tough, and you’ll face some obstacles, but that’s just Rights hard amount. Once you understand how the game works on a more fundamental level, Legendary, I think, is perfect for a second, more challenging play.

2. Fiddle With Your Control Settings

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If you’ve been playing Halo’s great multiplayer beta, you’ll know that the game offers players very fine-grained control options. I recommend experimenting in the early stages and finding out what you like. It really makes a difference.

It’s much more than just flipping from regular to reverse, you can change analog stick deadzones, and mess with how fast they move. I found it very useful to mess around with all the settings that I especially love playing Halo. Makes a difference!

3. Use Grappleshot. all the time

Hello 2

Halo Infinite’s grapple mechanic ties everything together seamlessly.

In my first playthrough, it took me a while to get used to the game’s new grapple hook mechanic, aka The Grappleshot. The sooner you become familiar with it, the better. It can be used for stacking of items: traversal, grabbing weapons and objects. It can even be used to deal with enemies and mount moving vehicles. My recommendation: experiment from the beginning and get used to using it as often as possible. The sooner Grappleshot becomes part of your Hello vocabulary, the better.

On this comment…

4. Upgrade Grappleshot First

Halo Infinity has a very unobtrusive upgrade mechanic. Through the “Spartan Core” that can be found in the game’s open world, you can upgrade your equipment and your shield. It is very simple and straightforward.

I 100% recommend that you focus all of your Spartan core on upgrading your Grappleshot first. This is what elevates your playthrough most effectively, allowing you to travel faster and fight more effectively. whatever comes after that is up to you but Definitely Upgrade Grappleshot first.

5. Boss fights are tough


The boss fights in Hello Infinity are awesome.

Look, you need to be prepared for this! boss fights very challenging. There are some borderline nightmares and it took me a long time to figure it out.

A few pieces of advice in case you get stuck…

  • Scour the area for power weapons, usually some that are specifically designed to help you take out bosses. Find out where they are early and head straight to them. I found skewers to be the cleanest and easiest way to hide bosses.
  • Use your grappleshot to grab the explosive barrel things and launch them! It does a massive amount of damage and stuns the boss, giving you time to move on to cover.
  • Also use your grappleshot to escape for cover! Very important
  • Be firm! It’s a Dark Souls-like situation. You will die. A lot

6. Experiment with Weapons

If you’re anything like me, and you grew up playing Halo, you probably have the default go-to weapons. I recommend switching things up!

In Halo Infinity, there are definitely weapon combinations that are super effective, but it’s also fairly balanced and rewards players who try different approaches for different scenarios.

I found the Pulse Carbine to be great against Jackals and Brutes, but for me the biggest surprise was the Disruptor. Let the grunts rattle enough shots and they will literally explode in the sky. Some of my favorite moments in Halo Infinity came through the use of that weapon.

Oh, and surprise surprise – one of the most consistently effective weapons is the Mangler. Ignore it at your own risk. Its scope is bigger than you think.

7. Vehicles are not always the answer…

Given that Halo Infinite takes place in an open world, you’d be forgiven for thinking that vehicles would be the most direct way to approach every single encounter. that’s not it. By riding in a vehicle, whether it’s a ghost or a tank, you often make yourself a big target. The exile will quickly find you, deactivate the vehicle and mince you. There’s a time and place for everything, but when I used vehicles, I preferred to go with the Ghost, mainly because it’s nimble and fast.

Note: If you use vehicles, get ready to bail the other, looks like it’s going to explode!

8. Explore!

Halo 4

Hello Infinity needs a photo mod, stat.

It goes without saying, but Halo Infinite rewards exploration. It’s not like the open world with dead zones, it’s worth messing around completely and seeing what you can find. Not only will you find the Spartan core that allows you to upgrade abilities, but there are also various collectibles like audio logs and whatnot. Thankfully, Halo Infinity doesn’t suffer from bloating in the open world. It’s just the right kind of great and constant joy to discover. So explore!

9. You can’t replay missions

One of the biggest hurdles (second only to no co-op play at launch) is the fact that you can’t replay missions after completing them. Apparently the 343 Industries team is working on fixing this in a future update, but it’s something to be aware of.

Thankfully, once you finish the main quest line, players are dropped back into the open world to complete any of the side quests available.

10. Don’t Worry About the Story

The biggest question I’ve had since reviewing Halo Infinity is do I need to remember what happened in previous games.

I had no idea what was going on. I had forgotten everything. Halo isn’t about “The Banished” or “The Prophets” or whatever weird MacGuffin they use to drag you from point to point. No, it’s about throwing grenades at the bad guys. Period.

I didn’t care what was going on in previous games and I still don’t. I’m not 100% sure what happened in the story and I’m not sure it matters. Whatever the rules of the game. You should play it even if you don’t remember anything about the previous games.

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