Halo Infinite’s A.I. puts Battlefield 2042’s to shame

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one of Battlefield 2042The main selling point of is that it is similar to battlefield 4, but bigger – like, the Texas version of bigger. On current-gen consoles and PC, Battlefield 2042 The game can hold 128 players, which is more than double the 64-player standard for almost every other large-scale shooter, including previous entries in the Battlefield franchise. Naturally, the inclusion of bots presents some surface-level problems, but another issue became immediately apparent when I started playing the game: These bots are as dumb as rocks.

Dumb AI shouldn’t drive

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Subpar AI isn’t new to anyone who’s played some of Dice’s recent games. star wars battlefront 2The story mode, for example, was filled with enemies who would run into walls, get caught on random bits of geometry, or stare blankly at players before being dominated by lasers. But a bad AI in single-player story mode and a bad AI in multiplayer mode are two very different things.

Soldiers jumping off a building in Battlefield 2042.

The former features a mode in which players will spend about six to eight hours (for your average shooter game, at least), while the latter can potentially ruin a game mode eating up players’ hours. . For Battlefield 2042Of course, the bad AI doesn’t necessarily ruin the game’s multiplayer experience, but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth.


during my six hours of play Battlefield 2042Of the beta, I noticed that the AI ​​runs into walls, moves unnaturally, doesn’t react when shot, and even lines up to take shots. They do not provide any additional challenge to the game, instead serving Aim for players to shoot at with little or no risk.

Battlefield 2042The AI’s are at their worst, however, when something inside their code says, “Beep-boop, time to pick up a helicopter or a tank.” I guess it goes without saying, but if an AI can’t walk, can’t react to threats, and has trouble attacking enemies, putting it in a vehicle is going to be a complete waste of that vehicle. Is equal to. In 2042Well, this is a huge deal. vehicles can turn the tide of the battle, and while some 2042K vehicles are locked, one is being thrown because an AI cannot tell when it is being shot which can sour the player’s experience.

hello infinite difference

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Of course, I can’t be so annoyed by the shoddy performance of Battlefield 2042Key AI If I Wasn’t Coming To Playing Just One Weekend hello infinityIts own technical beta. While both games are still half-finished, hello infinityAI is running Battlefield 2042Is out of water, irritating to switch it on immediately afterwards.

For those who haven’t tried any of these hello infinityK beta, the AI ​​in that game is properly impressive, performing more than a single player Battlefield 2042of computer controlled soldiers by all means. infiniteK Spartan bots are aware of their surroundings, use the environment to their advantage, and by all means, play like real players. Battlefield 2042It is not certain which planet they are on.

Spartans attack each other in Hello Infinity

There is essentially a difference of night and day between the two sports. In hello infinity, I don’t mind playing in bot-packed lobbies, as they are just as attractive as regular players. I’m stuck with 127 bots Battlefield 2042 On the other hand, the lobby seems like the quickest way to get a headache.

The really worrying thing about all this is that Battlefield 2042 Will release in about six weeks on November 19. This gives the game’s developers, Ripple Effect and Dice, over a month to improve the game’s AI. The way things are looking right now, however, players may have to deal with unusable bots when Battlefield 2042 officially launched.

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