Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is great, but its battle pass is a slog

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Developer 343 Industries made a big announcement at the end of yesterday’s Xbox 20th Anniversary Stream. Around 1:30 p.m. ET, hello infinityThe multiplayer of the game was made available for everyone to play. The game’s beta was opened and people were able to start progressing through the game’s first Seasonal Battle Pass. Unsurprisingly, it attracted thousands of players on Steam.

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But there was one part that made the whole experience a bit bitter. While I had a killer time playing with my colleagues, we all came out of our session with one common complaint: progressing through hello infinityThe seasonal content of and Battle Pass is going to be a real pain.

bound for progress

Unlike other Halo games – or many other multiplayer games for that matter – hello infinity Doesn’t give players experience points for everything they do. You’ll get a little endorphin rush when you kill another Spartan with a sniper rifle or spray them with ghosts, sure, but you won’t get any XP—unless you have one of those things. Don’t be a challenge. Battle Pass XP is awarded only for completing challenges hello infinity, and in a game that appears to be about letting players go into encounters at will, this is paradoxical.


hello infinityKa’s Battle Pass is filled with all kinds of neat cosmetics. Players who fill its ranks can sport the Master Chief’s classic Mark VI helmet, or set his entire armor on fire for an extra-badass look. But it will take players a long time to reach that point as they only earn XP by completing challenges.

challenges in hello infinity Arbitrary, circumstantial, and beyond anything else, are pretty lame. The only continuous challenge tasks players with completing only PvP matches, while other daily and weekly challenges are much more specialized. My current list of weekly challenges, for example, will reward me with 200 XP if I can destroy a ghost, kill a Spartan with Mangler, or capture an area in an objective-based mode. I can But after completing these challenges, I won’t get any more XP for doing those things again. For hello infinityPlayers who do what they do regularly in the game do not always deserve to be rewarded.

Hello Infinity's Battle Pass Challenge screen.
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Compared to other free-to-play multiplayer games, such as Call of Duty: Warzone, infiniteThe progression system is just brutal. Those games reward players for anything they do. kill a player? Here’s some XP. win a game? Here’s some more XP. but hello infinity It doesn’t care if you win, lose or kill players unless you’re lucky enough to have the challenges associated with those requirements. And with a 1,000 XP requirement to advance through each level of the Battle Pass, players must complete a lot of the challenges of earning any of its cosmetics.

Developer 343 Industries has designed this progress system to be demanding and consume all your free time.

caught in the grind

This opinion is also not unique. You’ll find similar feelings in both pc gamer And Kotaku, and there’s a good reason. in September, after one of hello infinityMultiplayer Beta, 343 Industries admitted that people were not happy How low was XP. “We’ve heard community feedback about wanting more progression options, including things like ‘Match XP’ to feed into the Battle Pass and a completely different, incremental system along the lines of earning the SR152.” Halo 5: GuardiansThe post reads. “The expansion of the multiplayer progression offerings is something the team is actively exploring, and we look forward to developing the post-launch experience for future seasons.”

hello infinityThe current Progress system also flies in the face of what Ryan Paradis, the team’s design director, said last July. “First and foremost,” Paradis said, “we are working hard to ensure that Battle Pass is not a ‘grind’ for players. We want this to be a complementary rewards stream for the time being , when you were already putting in the game.” This idea appears to have been scrapped, as the game’s Battle Pass is its only prize stream.

So while 343 Industries consider handing over XP for something as trivial as winning a match, players are going to get stuck. hello infinityProgress in the U.S. is slow, and it looks like the system won’t be reworked until next year. Until then, players will just have to grind their noses trying to earn a cool helmet or armor effect.

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