The survival horror genre has gone through many ups and downs over the years, and while resident Evil One of the last major survival horror franchises to have stood, new survival horror titles are emerging. one of these new games Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, a first-person adventure/horror/cooking game that combines restaurant management with enough gore, tension, and terrifying monsters resident Evil Proud.

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Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Life began as a small indie game known as Happy’s Humble Burger Barn Which was released for free on The game put its players in the shoes of a new employee at the Titanic restaurant demanding that they fulfill customer orders quickly and flawlessly, or a monstrous version of the restaurant’s bipedal cow mascot hunts them down in the classic survival horror genre. Will do


Now, a full sequel is being published by TinyBuild, the publisher of the game. hello neighbor game new Happy’s Humble Burger Farm The game will build on the original’s PS1-style graphics, ominous design sensibility, and utterly impossible demands to create a more fleshed-out horror experience. A new cinematic teaser trailer shows what players can expect from the series: a superficially happy atmosphere, oceans of blood and guts, tumultuous reality, increasingly nightmares that are sure out to harm the player. There are, and lots and lots of hamburgers.

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While some fans watched the trailer and immediately noticed the similarities Five Nights at Freddy’s Focusing on franchise, visceral gore and unnatural movements can bring back memories resident Evilhandjob Silent Hill, and other classic survival horror titles. Instead of trying to stand still and avoid evil, Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Trying to complete increasingly impossible tasks that require the player to move around quickly, bringing the tension of a management simulator to an already powerful survival horror formula.

As of this writing, many fans of the original free game have commented on the trailer describing their experiences and awaiting the full release, with one user also noting that they beefed up for a while after playing. could not eat. Another user was impressed that this little indie game was coming to the big leagues with a professional release. 2021 has been a good year for horror games, so fans of the genre may be looking forward to seeing more Happy’s Humble Burger Farm When its release date is officially announced.

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm Will launch in Q4 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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