Games and toys have had a phenomenal impact on the development of a lot of gamers as they grow up, even as they grow up, they continue to hold a special place in their hearts. Hasbro is one of the companies behind putting many popular franchises into idols, such as star warshandjob transformer, And my little pony is Entertained people for years.

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Unfortunately, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner has passed away at the age of 58. Goldner has been with the company since 2000, having been promoted to CEO in 2008. Goldner recently resigned from the company two days ago for medical leave. For those who don’t know, Goldner announced back in 2014 that he had complications from prostate cancer and has been undergoing treatment since then.


Rich Stoddart, one of Hasbro’s board of directors, has since been appointed as interim CEO. In a public statement provided to BusinessWire, Stoddart said that Goldner was the heart and soul of Hasbro. He emphasized that Goldner has been influential in the industry and has brought joy and laughter to many children around the world, and will be greatly missed.

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Stoddart credits Goldner as one of the reasons the company turned into the global entertainment leader that it has become today. Goldner oversaw Hasbro’s acquisition of entertainment studio “Even” in 2019, which aims to bring innovative ideas around the world. Goldner also served as chairman of the compensation committee on ViacomCBS’s board of directors. At ViacomCBS her goal is to improve the care system for the vulnerable members of the society.


Game company Wizards, responsible for Dungeons and Dragons Games, also told chairman Chris Cox on the company’s Twitter account. In it, he shares Goldner’s valuable belief that sports can make a positive difference in the world for children and families. Cox says those who were fortunate enough to work with Goldner will always be grateful for his advice, wisdom, and unwavering positivity.

Even outside of Hasbro, Goldner has had a tremendous impact on the industry. He was universally admired in the industry, worthy of respect for his influence over twenty years. His passion for creativity and leadership is something the world desperately needs and will be hard to replicate. Goldner is remembered by his co-workers, friends, wife, daughter and the rest of his family.

Source: businesswirehandjob Wizards of the Coast

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