Hawkeye finally grabs the spotlight in the Christmassy first trailer for his new Marvel series

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Hawkeye may be one of the most overlooked Avengers – but it’s finally getting its due.

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The first trailer for Clint Barton’s Disney Plus show (out November 24) is here, and it sees Jeremy Renner’s archer not only atone for his past, but also training the next generation of Marvel heroes.

Alongside Rainer is Hailee Steinfeld, who is set to play Kate Bishop. The self-described “world’s greatest archer” first enters Barton’s radar by running as Ronin, the vigilante personality Hawkeye took on before the events of Avengers: Endgame.


Bishop certainly hits the mark — both literally and otherwise — and is set to make a big, nearly equal appearance with Hawkeye as they take on tracksuit thugs. He’s also got the archer’s best friend, Lucky the Pizza Dog.

What might surprise many, however, is that Marvel is going full Christmas in Hawkeye. It’s the most wonderful time of year, and Barton is going to spend it training a pupil and drawing his quiver on people who want to harm him for the holidays.

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As always, there’s a nod to Marvel’s past—including a Captain America musical for which we’re hoping to get front row seats. Comic fans will also be aware of the many, many similarities between the Hawkeye series and the famous Matt Fraction/David Aaza comic run of the same name. Even Barton appears to be wearing a hearing aid. It’s a plot point that can be explored at length, especially considering that Echo, a deaf superhero, is also set to appear in Hawkeye.

Hawkeye is set to stream weekly on Disney Plus starting November 24. For more on what’s cooking up the MCU, here’s our guide to all the new Marvel TV shows to come, and our rundown of Marvel Phase 4.

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