HBO Max prices and deals explained: how to stream the TV shows and movies everyone’s talking about

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HBO Max prices are just a little cheaper now, thanks to a new 20% discount across both ad-supported and ad-free plans. This means you can take 12 months of a base subscription for just $7.99 per month (with the price returning to the full $9.99 in 13 months), or skip advertising for the reduced rate of $11.99 per month (up to $14.99 after the year). Jump back) ) These HBO Max deals could save you as much as $36 in the long run, so they’re worth a look.

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The regular HBO Max price sits at $9.99 with commercials or $14.99 without. Even with the cheaper option, it’s one of the more expensive streaming services when you compare it to the costs of today’s Disney Plus bundles, Hulu’s, and Apple TV+’s costs. However given its unique content and super new movies, you may find it your next essential service.

There’s additional interest in HBO Max deals right now, thanks to a slew of specials and series hitting the service. The Harry Potter 20th Reunion Special sits at the top of many watch lists, as does the new John Cena series The Peacemaker.


Want to know if HBO Max is worth keeping after seeing a few new theatrical releases and a box set or two? Check out our guide on how to save money on HBO Max, as well as full details on what’s included.

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HBO Max Prices and Plans

hbo max cost $14.99 per month For the high-end version with zero ads, 4K content, download options, and access to select streamable movies the same day they hit the movie theaters. Existing HBO subscribers can access this service at no additional cost.

With this edition of HBO Max, you’ll have access to ad-free streaming of HBO Originals, Max-exclusive content, Studio Ghibli animated films and acclaimed TV series and movie franchises.

Stream HBO Max on up to three devices at once and create up to five different viewer profiles. HBO Max is compatible with many smart TVs, streaming sticks, gaming consoles and mobile devices.

There’s a cheaper option for the ad-supported tier, costing only $9.99 per month. It will show ads before and during content, with HBO saying you can expect to see about four minutes of commercials for every hour of play. Any content classified as an HBO original will not contain ads, however, including Game of Thrones, Lovecraft Country, Westworld, The Never, and more.

Opt for monthly plans and if you want to try out both HBO Max plans then you can upgrade and downgrade as you wish.

hbo max deals

The latest HBO Max deals can save you 20% on both ad-supported and ad-free plans. As mentioned above, this means you can get a year of HBO Max for just $7.99 per month (usually $9.99), saving you about $24 over the course of the year. Or, you can upgrade to an ad-free plan for $11.99 per month (usually $14.99), which will increase you to $36 by the end of the 12-month period.

These HBO Max deals will return to regular pricing after the year ends, and you’ve got to January 25 to sign up.

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how to get hbo max for free

In December 2020, HBO Max pulled its 7-day free trial. HBO offers no explanation behind the move, but we imagine it’s because HBO didn’t want people to stream Wonder Woman 1984 and other same-day premiere movies for free and then abandon its service.

However, if you’re a new or existing Hulu subscriber (and choose HBO Max as an add-on) or if you go to your account page and activate HBO Max as an add-on, you can still access Hulu. One week free trial through. -Feather. Bundling HBO Max with Hulu will expand your streaming library to more than 80,000 TV episodes and movies—including next-day streaming of the current season’s shows. Just remember to cancel after seven days or you will be charged for one month of service. Check out our full guide to the latest Hulu Prices and Bundle Deals,

If you want to stay updated about the return of the trial, keep an eye on our hbo max free trial guide where we go into more detail about the Hulu route described above. At just $14.99 for a month, we think HBO Max’s prices are low enough to take it out for a spin.

Game of Thrones HBO Max Prices

(Image credit: HBO)

hbo max shows and movies

Watch all of HBO’s award-winning original series on HBO Max. Take the second embarrassment of curbing your enthusiasm or finally see what the fuss is all about on Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, HBO Max is expanding its portfolio of Max Originals exclusive content. Standouts include the thriller series The Flight Attendant, the animated sitcom Close Enough, the mockumentary An American Pickle, the drama It’s a Sin, and more.

Other notable shows on HBO Max include Friends, The Watchmen, Made for Love, Lovecraft Country, The Nevers, Superman & Lois, South Park, The Boondocks, Reno 911, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Big Bang Theory, The Leftovers Are included. , The Sopranos, and Sex and the City.

HBO Max’s massive catalog of movies is a mix of recent hits and beloved classics including The Lord of the Rings trilogy, DC Extended Universe movies, The Wizard of Oz, and Casablanca. HBO Max is also home to an extensive library of Studio Ghibli movies – so you won’t find Ghibli movies on Netflix in the United States.

Have HBO Max on Roku or Fire TV?

HBO Max is now available to stream on Roku devices as of December 2020. If you already subscribe to HBO through Roku, it will automatically update to HBO Max. As of November 2020, HBO Max is now available to stream on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Is HBO Max Worth It?

HBO Max prices may give you pause because competing services like Disney Plus and Apple TV+ are about half the cost And Let’s feature some Ultra HD content. However, thanks to parent company WarnerMedia, HBO Max has arguably the most impressive media library of any streaming platform. The ability to stream 2021 theatrical releases the day they hit theaters only sweetens the pot.

HBO Max’s lack of 4K streaming changed when Wonder Woman 1984 was released in 4K Ultra HD. More content may follow suit but if 4K streaming is a priority, you just can’t justify the cost of HBO Max right now.

For current HBO subscribers, HBO Max is a great way to enhance your HBO experience at no extra cost. If you’re not an HBO subscriber, you can get a good deal if you’re willing to make a short-term commitment.

HBO Max may have pulled the plug on its free trial but you can still go to Hulu and try both HBO Max and Hulu for a week at no cost.

Can I Watch HBO Max Outside USA?

HBO Max will launch from June 2021 in another 39 countries including Anguilla, Antigua, Argentina, Aruba, BVI, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador Are included. , El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Montserrat, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos, Uruguay and Venezuela. We are also expecting it to land in continental Europe and Australia later this year. We’ll add the latest HBO Max prices for those countries when the service goes live.

In the UK, this is unlikely to happen any time soon as much HBO content has been contracted to appear. sky tv till 2023.

If you’re thinking of tunneling from outside the US, you’ll find it daunting because you need a US bank card to set up an account and you can’t pay with Apple Pay, PayPal or Google Pay instead. can do.

If you are outside the US and you have access to Hulu and are paying for it like a reverse card, so you can add HBO Max to that streaming service as a bolt-on for the same price you’re going straight.

Check out our viewing guide How to Watch the Snyder Cut Online, You will get cheap options through this Disney Plus Bundle And we’ve got you covered for other networks with guides to the latest peacock tv cost And Paramount Plus Prices,

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