Hellions #18 marks the series finale with the return of Madelyne Pryor

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Hellions, one of Marvel’s weirdest, wildest, least current X-Men titles, is ending December with #18. In this issue, writer Zeb Wells and artists Steven Segovia and Ze Carlos will bring back famous X-Men foe Madeline Pryor—though the publisher is asking whether Madeline will return as “friend or foe.”

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Madeline Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey created by Mr. Sinister as the Goblin Queen with her own mutant powers as well as demonic magic, manipulates her former lover Hawk against her comrades, in the first arc of Hellions. Have you seen.


Prior was killed in that arc (not the first time), the Krakoan Quiet Council refused to revive him because he is a clone, which is generally against their protocol. Now, for the finale of Hellions, she will return, and writer Wells has promised that she will stick around in some capacity.

“Hell may be the end, but our Outkast team is about to leave our mark on the way out the door,” Wells said in Marvel’s announcement. “It involves bringing back one of my favorite characters, Madeline Pryor! And take it from me, this is only the beginning for Our Queen…”

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Wells himself will move on from Hellions to take over as head writer for the so-called ‘Beyond Board’ of writers, which will headline The Amazing Spider-Man three times monthly, starting with #75. As for the X-Men line, lead writer Jonathan Hickman is about to launch his swan song with the line in Inferno, a limited series that will bring together several threads throughout their X-Men run — many of which go directly through Hellions. have been run from.

Here is a gallery of all three covers:

Hellions #18 is due out in December. Check out Marvel’s full December 2021 requests on Newsrama later this month.

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