The mainstream acceptance of “nerd culture” over the past 20 years has brought together an evergreen cadre of celebrities who openly share their fandom. Among those names is Superman himself, Henry Cavill, who regularly shares his love for fantasy, gaming, and more, in between his social media posts and various talk show appearances. However, it was the latter where Tom Holland got to see Cavill first hand, as the latter spoke about their love for warhammer during the latest episode of Graham Norton Show,

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As far as tabletop gaming goes, there are few names as well known both in and out of the space as Game Workshop. warhammer Voting. The miniature war game, which debuted in 1983, is widely considered the top game in the space where players pit armies of miniatures against each other to see which is better. Original warhammer Set in a more traditional fantasy world with orcs, elves, knights, and more warhammer 40,000 Drops players into a deep future, where humanity is battling for survival against alien and supernatural forces alike.


Cavill gives Graham Norton a quick taste of his love for Warhammer during his latest appearance on a BBC show to promote Netflix witcher, Norton asks Cavill about the game, to which the latter gives a brief summary as the former takes some humorous jokes on the actor. However, Cavill’s brief explanation proves to be enough to pique the curiosity of Tom Holland, who asked about playing with Cavill.

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whereas warhammer While new to Hollande may be, this is hardly the first time Cavill has given a gist about the tabletop game. He previously talked about it at WitcherCon, commenting on how the one-to-one piece witcherThe set in season two features a chandelier that looks similar to Blackstone Fort. warhammer 40k2018 extension.

It is moments like these that have helped Cavill lavish audiences with his true love for these properties. They have talked in the past about how their love witcher Games inspired him to pursue the role of Geralt when he first caught air with a show Netflix was in the works.

He even made fun of his love world of Warcraft almost cost him the lead man of Steel, adding that he was deep in a raid when his phone rang and he decided to ignore it to focus on the game. The raid ultimately failed, but it worked out for the actor in the long run.

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