Here are 7 genuinely good laptop deals you shouldn’t miss this Black Friday

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Black Friday is a day that brings a lot of laptop deals… and a lot of awesome laptop deals too – trust us, we know it. Every year we sort through literally thousands of listings to find the cream of the crop for our big Black Friday deals roundup.

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That page is great, but with over 300 recommendations it can be hard to quickly find what you’re looking for. So, here are the best Black Friday laptop deals to date – seven picks that are really good bang for the buck, should you be looking to save some hard-earned money. We’ve tried to recommend a good selection of budget ones here, from super cheap to ultrabooks, but we think each one is a good option in its own right.

Which is the best? Oh, It’s Hard To Decide – It’s Like Picking Your Favorite Baby, But We Will Perhaps Say this to the Dell XPS 13 for $649.99 (was $949.99). It’s not too exclusive, but it’s an extremely premium laptop with a quality built and top-notch screen, we’d definitely say it’s a great buy. We also love this Acer Swift 3 on Amazon for $699 ($849)—an incredibly good price considering it’s got a Core i7 processor.


very expensive? No worries, we got you. We’ve also included some super bang for the buck options below…

The 7 Best Black Friday Laptop Deals This Year


1. Samsung Chromebook 4 (11.6-inch): $199.99 $129 at Walmart

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Save $70.99 Samsung makes great stuff if you’re on a budget and this entry-level Chromebook 4 is no exception. It’s not very powerful, but you don’t need much for ChromeOS and it’s solidly built for the price. At 11.6-inches, it’s a small machine but perfect for school work or casual online browsing. Being on the light-side also makes it very portable – perfect for a rucksack.

2. Samsung Galaxy Book Go (14-inch): $349

2. Samsung Galaxy Book Go (14-inch): $349 $249.99 on Samsung
Save $100 – Quality Windows laptops on a budget are sometimes hard to find but the Galaxy Book Go is a great option if you want something that looks super modern and premium on a budget. It’s got great battery life, an extremely lightweight 14-inch design, and a 128GB SSD to boot – something these machines often skimp on. Another rock solid bang for the buck option from Samsung. Note, you can actually trade-in on this machine to save even more but we’ve displayed the non-trade-in price here.

3. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop: $534.98

3. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop: $534.98 $329.39 in Delhi

Save $195 They don’t get pretty, but if you’re looking for a workhorse on a budget, Dell’s entry-level Inspiron machines offer unbeatable bang for the buck. Considering it’s got an 11th generation Intel Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD, it’s a real steal if you’re looking for a solid all-purpose device for general household or work tasks. It doesn’t have Samsung’s panache above, but it’s a lot more powerful.

4. HP Pavilion Laptop 15: $899.99

4. HP Pavilion Laptop 15: $899.99 HP. on $549.99

Save $250 – We’re starting to get into more powerful options now with our Black Friday laptop deals, with this great HP Pavilion 15 roundup. Like Dell, HP makes a rock-solid workhorse if you’re on a budget, and this particular one comes with an 11th-generation Intel Core i7, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD too – very, very respectable specs for exactly $ For less than 500. We’d especially recommend it to professionals as an everyday no-nonsense workhorse.


5. Dell XPS 13: $949.99 $649.99 at Dell

Save $300 – The Dell XPS 13 has been at the top of our laptop rankings for almost a decade, only getting better with each new version. This discount is the cheapest we’ve seen on the XPS 13 all year. It is a versatile machine with a 13.3-inch Full HD Infinity Edge display, Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. Basically, it’s everything you could want from a high-performance laptop for work, school or general use.


6. Acer Swift 3 (14-inch): $849 $699 on Amazon

Save $150 – The Swift 3 may be cheaper than the usual suspects from Dell, Samsung or HP, but it’s an ultrabook that can totally hang with the best. This particular model with an Intel Core i7-1165G7, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD is especially good value for money if you need something with a little power under the hood. While you can use this machine for anything (besides gaming), we’d recommend it as a solid no-nonsense machine, especially for work applications.

7. Apple MacBook Pro M1 (512GB, 2020): $1,499

7. Apple MacBook Pro M1 (512GB, 2020): $1,499 $1,349 on Amazon

save $150 – And finally… we’ve got what probably is In college Good Black Friday MacBook Deals on Amazon. This upgraded 512GB SSD version is definitely pricey, but the discount here is really solid. There’s also a $100 discount on the 256GB version, but we’d definitely recommend an upside if you can afford it – you’ll have more space for your files and you’ll get a lot more for it on the used market. Sell ​​it in a few years.

Where to Find More Black Friday Laptop Deals

Not what you’re looking for? We have more options in our main Black Friday laptop deals article. Here’s also a quick run down of the best retailers to check out should you want to continue the search yourself.

  • Amazon: Upto 47% Off On Chromebook + MacBook Discount
  • best Buy: Up to $500 off $99 Chromebook + Windows Laptop
  • Pit: Save up to $300 on Inspiron and XPS laptops
  • HP: Save up to 57% on Specter, Pavilion & more laptops
  • Newegg: Upto 45% Off On Laptops In Black Friday Sale
  • Walmart: Record-low prices on Chromebooks and Windows laptops from $129
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