Here’s how Machete star Danny Trejo ended up in Far Cry 6’s ridiculous DLC

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Ubisoft revealed its post-launch content plans for Far Cry 6 earlier this month, announcing that the new Far Cry is getting a DLC themed around Stranger Things, Rambo, and… Danny Trejo?

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That’s right, the Mache actor will be seen in a crossover mission called Danny & Danny Versus Everyone. In the mission, Trejo’s Tacos (Danny Trejo’s original restaurant) sets up shop on Far Cry 6’s fictional island of Yarra in an effort to feed the poor.

However, when Trejo’s tacos face an attack from the forces of Yara’s oppressive dictator Anton Castillo, it is up to protagonist (and Trejo superfan) Dani Rojas to defend the eatery with his protagonist, Danny Trejo. Team up – with Trejo, of course, armed with his infamous weapon. But how did Trejo get involved in a Far Cry game?

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Trejo’s Tacoso


“He’s a gamer!” Far Cry 6 Narrative Director Naveed Khavari tells us about Trejo’s involvement. “When we first called with him, his first question was, ‘Is Jack Carver coming back? So he played, I think, Far Cry 1. It was a dream. I think he was really excited to be a part of the franchise, but at the same time, he loved the angle that he’s making tacos and trying to feed the poor at Yarra. So there was a kind of heartwarming element. “

Like we said, Trejo’s Tacos is Danny Trejo’s real-life restaurant venture, with locations in North America. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trejo donated hundreds of meals from his restaurant to frontline health care workers at a hospital in LA, and donated and distributed hot meals to people in LA who were struggling amid the pandemic . While Trejo’s character in Far Cry 6 clearly reflects some aspects of his iconic role of bounty hunter Machete, Trejo was also keen to incorporate his charitable spirit into his cameo.

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“The surprising thing is that, if you talk to Danny and his manager, he somehow ends up in these situations in his life where he ends up helping people,” Khavari explains. “He’s some kind of saint. But that was also really important to him and he wanted to, and we really pushed for it, so that he could share his personal anecdotes and share his voice in it. We just had a cameo Didn’t want to, we wanted to be like you really are with Danny Trejo.”

It’s unclear how long Far Cry 6’s Danny & Danny vs Everyone crossover mission will be, or when it’ll be released, but we can’t wait to serve up tacos and create chaos with Danny Trejo.

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