Here’s what Final Fantasy 7 Remake would look like with the original game’s fixed camera

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake looks surprisingly good with the original game’s fixed camera angles, as a new fan-made video proves.

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Final Fantasy YouTuber Final FanTV with the help of some modding tools made six minutes of the remake look like the 1997 original. It follows Cloud through the initial attack on the Mako reactor, creating modern character models and environments with the high and wide camera angles preferred in the original game.

New shots with classic camera angles show the sheer scale of the Shinra facility, with its towering towers and tiny scaffolds looming over the seemingly bottomless pits. This familiar perspective also makes it easier to appreciate that some reconstructed environments closer to 1 to 1 are compared to the originals. The video also features some classic battle scenes, complete with enemies positioned on the left side of the screen and Cloud moving forward and back for each attack.


It’s not a mod itself though – if you want to play like this, your best bet will be to grab it Otis_Inf. Photomod Mod Tool created by And then set up each shot manually – Final FanTV hopes this inspires modders to apply the same treatment to the game. They recommend that modders skip the battle scenes, as most of them are “too big” to be able to follow up with the angles of the older cameras.

In the meantime, Final Fantasy 7 modders are already engaged in charitable mode, which lets the humble flower girl take her brutal arena finisher with her.

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