Nintendo released pokemon sword And shield Back in 2019 and fans continue to express their excitement for the Nintendo Switch generation pokemon since. one such pokemon Fan recreates some important moments pokemon sword And shield In the graphical style of Game Boy Color which has gone viral on social media.

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Popular pokemon Artist Syndorman envisions Nintendo Switch pokemon The title on the Game Boy Color, creating various videos showing the most important moments in the eighth generation. Syndorman’s Initials pokemon sword And shield The video shows the main character and Hop picking up his starter Pokémon between the grass-type Grokie, the fire-type Scorbunny, and the water-type Sobble. The graphical style used for Syndorman pokemon sword And shield The Game Boy Clip appears similar to that of the late Game Boy Color release, while the color palette is used to its maximum potential.


Before choosing his starter between three different types of Pokémon sprites, the main character is interrupted by a hop, represented by a highly precise sprite that takes up about a twelfth of the screen above his chat bubble. Upon viewing each of the Galleon starter Pokémon, a small window appears showing them in action, similar to the Game Boy Color. pokemon like title pokemon yellow, continue to reflect Sword And shieldOf course, these brief sprite animations act effectively as they sob in new titles, Scorbenny cheers triumphantly, and Groki slams his stick on the ground.

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early moments of pokemon sword And shield Those aren’t the only moments Sindorman has captured in the Game Boy Color aesthetic as many other eight-generations pokemon Moments have also been re-imagined. another important Sword And shield The moment Sindorman creates via Game Boy Color visuals is meeting Marnie and Team Yale when players go to register for the Gym Challenge. The scene featured sprites from Marnie and a team Yale Grunt, with Marnie’s name initially appearing as a series of question marks similar to the opponent’s. pokemon gold And Silver,

The Game Boy Color visual style isn’t the only retro aspect of Sindorman pokemon sword And shield They also offer original Chiptune music in the form of videos. pokemon Fans will feel familiar. Team Yale has remarkably similar music to rival pokemon red And Blue, while Sindorman attributes a postweek second generation Sword And shield The remix created by YouTube content creator Coatlesscarl for Chiptune is used to select starter Pokemon. Syndorman’s Sword And shield The Game Boy Color Recreation is just a proof of concept animation and was not intended to be playable.

pokemon sword And shield Available now for Nintendo Switch.

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