Here’s what the tweet editing feature on Twitter could look like

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Twitter is working on edit button continues. Although a few people in the past month have already noticed “Edit Tweet” menu item in developmentwhat we didn’t know yet was how the edited tweets would be displayed to users viewing them on Twitter, or how the original text of the edited tweet could be read. Now we can see what Twitter creates to highlight those tweets that have been modified.

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According to reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, the “Edit Tweet” button will allow users to create a new Tweet with different content. But to let Twitter users know that the tweet has been changed from the original, a label will appear at the bottom of the tweet (along with a small pen or pencil icon). The label text will simply say “Edited”. And if you click on the word “Edited”, you will be taken to the edit history of the tweet.

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Wong notes that users will currently have 30 minutes to make changes to the tweet. This is a little longer than it takes to quickly fix a typo you noticed – something Twitter Subscription Service Twitter Blue already allows. But it’s enough to clarify or rephrase a tweet that could start to explode and go viral for the wrong reasons.

Above: Edited sample tweets. Wong notes that she wrote “edit: soup*” in her sample tweet to be funny, since that’s how she lists her edits on Reddit. However, this is not part of the new Twitter experience.

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Wong used to discovered links to code related to the incomplete “Edit Tweet” feature in the latest build of the Twitter web app indicated that the “Edit” button did not actually fix or change the text in the original tweet – it created a new tweet with updated content. She said the new edited tweet would include a list of old tweets before the edit, but we didn’t yet know how Twitter would take this critical context into account in its user interface.

Her latest findings, which Wong says she discovered while developing the Twitter web app, give us a better idea.

Since the new, edited tweet and the old tweet are actually different entities, it’s entirely possible that someone might still link directly to the outdated version. In this case, the user will see the old tweet labeled “There is a new version of this tweet”, directing them to the updated version with new text.

The feature appears to be in the early stages of development, as Wong pointed out to TechCrunch that the “Edited” label itself looks small and inconsistent with the rest of the Twitter user interface. But since this feature hasn’t launched yet, this will likely be fixed before a more public launch.

While this is a relatively minor detail, it helps give Twitter users an idea of ​​how Twitter thinks of the tweet editing feature in terms of how the addition will affect the user experience on Twitter as well as the company’s own back-end systems.

like some people It was previously noted, allowing people to actually edit the text in the original tweet, would mean both the old and new versions would point to the same tweet ID, which could complicate things from an engineering standpoint. According to them, this could be a nightmare for caching systems based on the tweet ID. Instead, Twitter assigns the edited tweet a new tweet ID, but links to the older versions from the most recent one.

Upon receiving the comment, Twitter confirmed that Wong’s latest find is part of the same “Edit Tweet” feature in development that was revealed earlier, but declined to reveal more about its plans.

Twitter for the first time last month announced amazing news that it’s actually going to offer users the ability to edit tweets – a longstanding user request that Twitter owner Elon Musk also insisted on. The company did not say when the feature would go public, but said that Twitter Blue subscribers can expect to be able to try out the feature “in the coming months.”

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