HeroQuest board game remake is now available to pre-order at retail – here’s where

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A remake of the 1989 classic HeroQuest board game is coming, and it’s coming to retailers soon — as in, “This December.” If you live in the USA, you can pre-order it now $125.99 . for javi or with Entertainment Earth for the same price, In the meantime, UK fans can jump on the sword and sorcery bandwagon by getting their copy £99.99 Zavvi . Through,

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Because Tabletop Adventure was only available to those who supported last year Hasbro Pulse Now before the crowdfunding campaign, it’s everyone’s chance to get their hands on the HeroQuest board game remake. Considering how quickly this dropped the project’s $1,000,000 goal to the (apparently absurd) $3,721,949 pledge total, we’re guessing more than a few people will be interested.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear when or when the crowdfunding stretch targets for Hasbro’s HeroQuest remake (including additional miniatures, expansions and quests) will be made available at retail. As it stands, the retail version will include 65+ models — including mini furniture like the Treasure Chest — with 14 pre-written searches to go.


Originally published by Games Workshop (the company behind Warhammer) in the late ’80s, HeroQuest went out of print for decades and was eventually picked up by Hasbro and Avalon Hill. Now re-imagined for a new era, this dungeon-crawler has been given an overhaul with all-new miniatures, lots of reworked cards and plastic terrain.

However, this does not mean that the final product is unrecognizable. Even though elements of Game Workshop have been removed, the board and rules remain the same as in the first incarnation. Even its models bear the same spirit as the original, with many of the poses recreated (albeit in much greater detail).

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Because roleplaying epics like Descent: Legends of the Dark, the Skyrim board game, and Gloomhaven (regularly dubbed as one of the best board games of the last decade) have been causing such a stir over the years Of course, it should come as no surprise that HeroQuest is now making a comeback — after all, it’s often thought to be what kickstarted the trend in the first place.

HeroQuest Pre-Order Deals

$125.99 at Zavik

HeroQuest (USA) , $125.99 at Zavik

The 1989 game returns with this new and improved remake, now with even more miniatures and pieces. You’re getting the original game with this deal, which gives you access to 14 quests and over 60 miniatures ,Deals also available on Entertainment Earth,

Zavi. at £99.99

HeroQuest (UK) , Zavi. at £99.99

You can now pre-order the revamped HeroQuest ahead of its release sometime in December. While you’re getting the basic version of the game here (unfortunately, there’s no word on when or if the expanded versions will be available), it’s not a bad value compared to similar games that charge a whole lot more.

Given that it’s due to ship in December, it’s very unlikely to be included in this year’s pre-orders black friday board game deals Or Cyber ​​Monday Board Game Deals, Although we don’t expect anything in the form of an offer, it’s worth keeping an eye on the listing for the next week or so just in case.

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