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Happy Hacking Keyboard (HKKB) has made a name for itself among keyboard enthusiasts since its launch in 1996. Today, the brand has become synonymous with arrow-free 60 percent design, luxurious Topre switches and a premium price tag. Its 25 year anniversary keyboard is no different.

The HHKB layout boldly omits the numpad and navigation keys, including the arrows. It targets programmers, engineers, and writers with its symmetrical, shrunken form factor that makes it easier for your fingers to reach the keys.


The keyboard can be reprogrammed via Windows software.

HHKB celebrates its 25th birthday with a new edition HHKB Professional Hybrid Type-S bluetooth keyboard. The new variant has been dubbed the Snow for its all-white ABS plastic chassis and stark-white PBT keycaps. This differs from the original model coming in “Charcoal” (with or without the legends) or “White”, which is actually more of an off-white, with matching retro-looking gray keycaps. The keycaps on the Snow version are stamped with Black Legends via Dye Sublimation, so they are permanent.

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That’s good news, because you’ll need those legends to see what really makes this keyboard festive. The right Fn key is printed with the number 25 with the suffix “th” on the bottom, in the place where some keys have a secondary function printed. The HHKB logo is also on the cap, adding a small splash of colour.

There's a detachable USB-C to USB-A cable for charging and connecting to a PC.

All considered, this is a small twist on the keyboard. Not too much flash here to celebrate the keyboard maker’s silver jubilee. But it also means that the keyboard doesn’t come at an outrageous premium compared to other hybrid Type-S keyboards. It’s still an HHKB keyboard with topre switches.

smarter programmable keyboard is currently $350, $337 compared to other colorways. However, a crossed-out MSRP listed on the online store of Fujitsu, the distributor of HHKB that announced the keyboard, suggests it may eventually have a $400 MSRP. We’ve reached out to Fujitsu about pricing and will update this story if we hear back.

The anniversary keycap and white color scheme will cost you an additional $13.

Like other hybrid Type-S keyboards, the 25th Anniversary option uses Topre electrostatic capacitive switches, which are known among enthusiasts for their exemplary tactile feel and high price. Here the switch is considered quiet and requires 45 grams of force to activate.

The wireless keyboard has four Bluetooth profiles, so you can pair it wirelessly with up to four macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices instead of using a USB-C to USB-A cable. We’re seeing a gradual increase in wireless keyboards with three Bluetooth profiles, like the Razer Pro Type Ultra we reviewed recently, but four profiles are rare.

The Anniversary Edition is currently $13 more than the Standard Edition.

It’s unclear how long the HHKB Professional Hybrid Type-S Snow will be available, but Fujitsu’s announcement calls it a “limited-volume” run.

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