Hi-Res audio lovers have a new friend in the OneOdio Monitor 60 pro monitor headphones

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OneOdio has a new set of headphones that audiophiles are going to dig. From its aesthetics to its pro audio performance, this is a pair of headphones that deserve some attention, and with its Black Friday deals its price will certainly turn heads.

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The new OneAudio Monitor 60 offers a premium set of professional monitoring headphones for less than $100. OneOdio uses a pair of 50mm neodymium drivers – nearly an industry standard for high-fidelity audio – to deliver rich sound across a broad audio spectrum.

OneOdio has also received Hi-Res audio verification, which makes it clear that the headphones can also have demanding audio requirements.


These headphones are designed to deliver a frequency response range of 20Hz to 40,000Hz, giving you crisp treble along with impressive bass and mids. It’s the sound that’ll be ready for you whether you’re mixing, producing, recording, or simply jamming your favorite tunes.

The headphones have a low impedance and high sensitivity of 38 ohms, so you can make the most of them and get powerful sound without the need for an expensive amplifier.

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OneOdio includes three different cables: a long, coiled cable with a 1/4-inch plug for studios, a 3-meter straight cable for longer runs on TVs, and a 1.2-meter with in-line microphone. meter direct cable daily use.

The headphones also have a port on each side, so you can run the cable however you like.

The OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones are also designed with a comfortable, professional build quality along with some convenience features and an attractive look.

The headphones have a mesh grille on the outside and an oval ring around it, giving the effect of both a speaker grille and a vinyl record.

The headphones have pivot- and tilt-adjustable ear cups for a secure fit, and the leather-like earpads are soft and well-cushioned to stay comfy for long listening sessions while keeping the audio sealed. There are.

They fold up when you’re not using the headphones, and you can put them in a carrying bag that includes OneOdio.

OneOdio is already offering an impressive price with the Monitor 60 headphones, but it gets better for Black Friday. With coupon code “PROFFER60” at checkout on OneOdio’s site, you can save 20%. You can even get the headphones with a discount heroine Or Amazon UK here,

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