Death Stranding Director’s Cut Recently released, adding some new features to really refine the game experience. Needless to say, while some may still avoid the game or general dislike it, additional players brought back players or noticed that some new ones were added as well. However, it is a big question whether or not death stranding Will continue the ‘Strand’ genre ever since with the sequel.

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Back in August, a death stranding The sequel was confirmed by Norman Reedus, who believed that his team was in talks for his return as protagonist Sam Porter. That’s still pretty low, and it’s entirely possible that Reedus was mistaken or in a very early conversation. It’s hard to say exactly, but a new image posted by Hideo Kojima has sparked new rumors about a potential Death Stranding 2.


Kojima recently posted an image from his current project on his personal Twitter, saying that he is revising the plan and script, experimenting with other elements. main draw for death stranding The rumor mongers, however, have three blurry men in the image. Many people think that the central figure in the white shirt is Norman Reedus. not only does it make sense if it is death stranding And Reedus’s previous comments, but the hairstyle and general body shape fit Reedus quite well.

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Some have gone a little further thinking that the figure with his back to the camera is Mads Mikkelsen, who played Cliff. Death Stranding. The possible connections out there are slim compared to Reedus, but not impossible given the possible trio and probably a visible haircut. Notably, though, there are a few things about this image that everyone should keep in mind.

First thing’s first, even if it’s actually Reedus and Mikkelsen, it doesn’t confirm Death Stranding 2, This could, in theory, be an entirely different project, and it still hinges on a rumor or the slim possibility that it is one or both figures. Secondly, it may not even be a game in principle. Kojima Productions recently opened a TV, Music and Film division, and this image may belong to this new division. Now, this may be moving a project on this division pretty quickly, but it’s no secret that Kojima is a major cinephile with potentially myriad ideas.

Anyhow, this image is interesting for speculation purposes, and it confirms that Kojima is actively working on a new project. What, when, and on what platform this Kojima Productions title will take place remains to be seen, but it’s still a long time to be revealed. It’s not impossible for this new title to appear at The Game Awards, especially given Geoff Keighley and Kojima’s relationship, but it will probably only be a tease at the moment.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut Out now on PS5.

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