Hideo Kojima has earned considerable fame in his decades-long career as the face behind metal Gear Solid games and more recently death stranding. For as long as he’s been around, Kojima has also incorporated vivid, weird elements into his games, like flaming whales and piss mechanics. One of Kojima’s latest ideas sounds interesting for entirely different reasons, though those reasons are particularly ambitious.

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In an interview with Japanese magazine Anan, seen by SiliconEra, Hideo Kojima wants to make a game that “changes in real time.” As an example of what he meant, Kojima said that the type of game he wants to make can change depending on where one lives and their unique perspective. It’s still a bit vague, but looking at Kojima’s past work is a good way to unpack what he means.


for example, death stranding It is about connecting those who were hit by a global pandemic, during a time when countries were focusing more on building than on tearing down walls. While Kojima’s concepts diverge greatly, it’s not hard to see how he could go on with a game that changes depending on a player’s location and perspective, though it’s hard to say whether those would be simple factors. Or something like someone’s financial situation.

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Kojima also provided a more direct example of his “developing games” experience in the interview. In particular, Kojima cited Towers, a Game Boy Advance game developed by Kojima and published by Konami in 2003. Towers The Game Boy’s light sensor is used as a means for players to kill the vampire, which in turn will encourage players to play the game in the sun during certain classes.

This was a simple feature for the time, but the technology has advanced considerably since then. Kojima could easily be working on ways to make use of the latest features of some modern gaming hardware. For example, if Kojima were to make another PlayStation console exclusive, the PS5 DualSense’s built-in microphone and adaptive trigger could easily factor into experimental game mechanics.

Rumor has it that Kojima is working on several new projects right now, although nothing has been confirmed yet. It’s possible that his next project will be something simple Death Stranding 2Although it is difficult to say. A game that develops in real time certainly sounds intriguing.

Source: Aman (via) Siliconera)

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