Hideo Kojima is probably one of the best-known names in video game production, bringing his love of film and music to his work. Although he doesn’t often talk about the games he’s involved in, Kojima has recently praised the indie adventure title. 12 minutes, compared it to their 2016 love inside And having said that he himself lost track of time while playing it. The director is also not one to shy away from things that worry him, as is evident in a recent post.

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NS metal Gear Solid The producer uploaded an image to Twitter today from a DVD box cover, showing a film whose English-translated title reads Adventures of Pinocchio. Kojima Waxes Lyrical About It, Asking If It Could Be The Same pinocchio adaptation which he recalls saying he was “somewhat hurt” when he saw it on TV as a kid. He seems unsure whether this is what he saw on Japan’s public media organization NHK, in 1974 when he must have been about 11 or 12 years old.


After that he said that Matteo Garrone’s new film pinocchio There is a “similar tone”. Responding to his tweet, a person said that it could be a mini-series he is referring to, which first aired in Italy in 1972. The Japanese developer isn’t one to shy away from his true feelings on social media. Recently, Kojima celebrated his 58th birthday, stating that he would continue to create until his brain “lost its creative powers.”

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This seems to be evident from the fact that he is still continuing to work on new games. Kojima has also talked about a game that changes in real time, specifically, he says that an example of this could be that the game changes depending on where one lives. He used the 2003 title Towers, which he helped develop into a rudimentary example. In that game, players could kill vampires using the light sensor on their Game Boy Advance, which would encourage people to play the game outside in the sun.

Whatever Hideo Kojima’s ideas, they are always interesting, often pushing the boundaries of video game fiction. With the director currently in talks on an Xbox exclusive game, it looks like he still has plenty of ideas, but still finds time to post about his childhood nightmares on Twitter.

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