The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild And hello infinity There aren’t the only games that feature characters flying through the air thanks to their physics engines. One red dead redemption 2 The player sees how powerful the game’s horses are and how hard they can pull back red DeadGravity in a hilarious clip shared on Reddit.

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Sub-posted on Reddit r/RedDeadRedemption, user u/Masanen captured the surface as a relatively mundane conversation red dead redemption 2, The player tried to pacify his horse by approaching a traveler in the woods, so that the horse would be startled by the player and kicked its owner heavily. However, instead of sliding back a few feet from the kick, the NPC quickly flies past the player and down a nearby hill.


The clip just goes to show how the sandbox is open red dead redemption 2 and how, while the game has plenty of scripted moments and sequences, there’s a lot about its world that is simply an unscripted simulation. It’s moments like these that give a lot of charm to the game and help make each player’s experience feel truly unique to them. red DeadThe ever-evolving narrative moments of.

And I thought I already had the best horse in the game From
red Dead Redemption

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Some commentators noted that there was a way to save the man, should the original poster ever face a similar situation, by shooting the horse in the heart before it had a chance to kick its owner. . While this will do the player no favors on the level of honor, the death of a single horse will likely not be the deciding factor between low and high honor levels until the player walks the line between being a true robber and a helpful cowboy. was not riding. , That said, the physics conversation was so sudden and funny that it seemed like it might be worth it just to let the man fly and leave after a few chuckles.

While these types of conversations are common red dead redemption 2, it appears as red dead online This is where the bulk of the engine’s physics manipulation is going on among players who just hang around and have some fun. Unfortunately, the update for red dead online Delayed until further notice while Rockstar starts doing some serious work to fix that mess Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, Given how many issues there are in the remastered collection, it looks like red dead online Players will be waiting for any future updates.

red dead redemption 2 Now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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