NS God of war The franchise can be considered a classic in the hack-and-slash genre, with its victim and heavily tattooed god hero Kratos being an iconic antagonist. Historically, Kratos is known for his unstoppable rage and fiery screams as he fights to topple the Olympian gods from heaven, but the most recent series reboot that debuted with 2018 God of war and continues God of War Ragnarok Shows fans a calm, sensible Kratos. The difference is so surprising that one fan decided to compare Kratos’ past and present in the form of an angry bird meme.

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In the unedited version of the meme, a small brown bird is shown chirping on a branch, covering its song before a giant crow begins to scream loudly. The final panel shows an angry brown bird staring at the viewer while a giant speech bubble chants “CAW!” is reading. Takes up almost the entire background. Reddit user KingFahad360 seems to have found the comic inspiring and created a voiced parody version focusing on both versions of Kratos, including Kratos’ younger son Atreus.


KingFahad360’s video casts the older and wiser Kratos in the role of the Gray Bird, calmly calling out Atreus’s name with him – and scolding the boy – instead of singing. This focus on Kratos’ new voice, provided by voice actor Christopher Judge, highlights the contrast to his previous voice when the original, anger-fueled Kratos appears as the noisy crow. The decision to start the original Kratos talk right after the new Kratos feud in Atreus is a classic demonstration of the differences between the character of Judge and Terrence Connor Carson.

birds of war. From
God of war

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Carson’s Greek Kratos is shown to be physically larger than the Norse Kratos of Judge, and his loud declaration that he is the god of war can easily eclipse the more subdued scolding Judge’s Kratos. He appears in front of the tree. Norse Kratos and Atreus are seated with a glow of green light. The following shot shows the Greek Kratos standing on top of a giant, avian rendition of Gaia, whose angry facial expression reflects that of him.

At the time of writing, other fans seem to be greatly entertained by KingFahad360’s meme editing. Many users expressed their delight to see the bird version of Gaia. Others discuss their love for both the Greek and Norse versions of Kratos. A conversation ensued, discussing how appropriate Carson and Judge’s voices were to the versions of Kratos they portrayed, one fan hoped. God of War Ragnarok The present Kratos must confront his anger-driven past.

God of War Ragnarok Will release in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

God of War Ragnarok Kratos actor injured
God of War: Ragnarok’s delay should now stand as a lesson to all

The new information re-contextualizes the delay of God of War: Ragnarok, and should serve as a valuable lesson for all moving forward.

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