hitman 3 is entering its second year of release in 2022, and with that comes new content that players can look forward to as well. year 2 of hitman 3 The plans were teased several days ago, and now the new content has been officially revealed.

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Most recently, IO Interactive, developer and publisher of hitman 3, released a video reveal stream providing details on Year 2 content plans for the game. According to the video, Hitman 3 – Year 2 Will officially start on Thursday, January 20, 2022. The video includes several new additions that are about to come to the game, such as technology improvements, Hitman VR for PC, and some new game modes.


One of the new game modes is being added hitman 3 This year is called Freelancer, a new single-player mode that adds new Rogue-like elements to the game. In Freelancer, players can choose from several missions that each represent a major criminal enterprise. hitman’s world of murder Each campaign comes with its own mission, and each one will take players on a “globetrotting expedition” to various locations.

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In Freelancer Mode, Agent 47 will target the leaders of each criminal enterprise in missions, and players can choose the order they want to play the missions. Once they eliminate the leader of the enterprise, players will be paid for completing the campaign. Plus, campaign missions have been revamped in Freelancer Mode, so they’ll have new NPCs that can help or hinder Agent 47’s progress. Other new elements include hidden stash, safes, and even NPC assassins.

Freelancer will add a new map and playable location called Agent 47’s Safehouse, where players can strategize, re-stock, re-supply and choose new suits for Agent 47 before going on missions. Huh. This is also where players return after completing a mission in Freelancer Mode. Safehouse is customizable and can be explored as players unlock new areas and customization options as they progress through Freelancer. For example, there’s a mission hub where Agent 47 can view available freelancer missions, and a firing range where players can test out new weapons.

Speaking of weapons, Agent 47’s gear in Freelancer is “not stable.” Therefore, whatever players bring with them on a mission and do not bring back will be lost when they return to the safehouse. This includes consumables such as explosives or poison syringes used on a mission. However, players can relish on new equipment and weapons from suppliers, new NPCs that the player can find during missions, and purchase gear. Freelancer Game Mode is currently in the final stages of development, and is scheduled for release hitman 3 Later in spring 2022.

hitman 3 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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