Hitman 3 Freelancer is a roguelike-inspired mode with new campaigns and a customizable safehouse

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Hitman 3 Freelancer is a new, roguelike-inspired mod coming to the killing game this spring, which adds a new safehouse and limited resources to Agent 47’s usual order of business.

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Freelancer IO Interactive’s biggest announcement was hitman 3 year 2 reveal event, which also includes other new features coming this year including a new map, and both VR and ray tracing support for PC players. As announced, Freelancer will let players choose from a set of missions against their own criminal enterprise. 47 Hitman will be able to eliminate key members of organizations on a selection of all of the trilogy’s maps, eventually tracking down their leader on whichever map you leave last.

So far, Hitman. But the big difference in Freelancer is that 47 does not have ICA support. Instead, you’ll plan each hit from your customizable safehouse, choosing just the right outfit and gear for the hit at hand. Any equipment you bring will be lost for good if you are taken out (or if you put it in the trash can next to the checkpoint and forget to take it back), but also the black market supplier based in the mission itself. Will be happy to re-stock you for one price.


Other new NPCs engaged in missions will make your life harder, whether by protecting your targets or alerting them so they start running after suspicious activity – you’ll find some other assassins at work too (and they probably won’t) Would be very glad to see you).

IO Interactive says that Freelancer Mode is now in its final stages of development, and if that piques your interest, you have some new ways to grab one first: the Hitman Trilogy Collection, which features all three playable in the upgraded Hitman. The game includes missions. Experience 3, coming January 20th to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S — also when it debuts on Steam, and as part of a selection of bundled-in games for Xbox Game Pass As and PC Game Pass subscribers.

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