IO Interactive is adding small pieces of content hitman 3 during his first year. The developer has now revealed plans for all the new content to come hitman 3 In year 2, with the addition of some features that are being added to the PC version.

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Nvidia previously revealed a list of games that will get ray tracing support, including hitman 3 As well as rainbow six extraction, among others. Ray tracing is one of the biggest new features of modern GPUs and next-generation consoles. While this can be highly demanding, it has a huge impact on the graphical quality of any game. Now, IO Interactive has announced some details on what fans can expect from Ray Tracing hitman 3,


hitman 3 There will be support for ray tracing sometime in 2022, and its levels will see a huge improvement in reflections as well as shadows. The developer uses the opening level of Dubai, a space that has many reflective surfaces, as an example of how ray tracing can improve the graphical quality of a scene. It also mentioned that the atmosphere in Chongqing, a rainy spot since the Games, would look equally impressive. as levels from both hitman 1 And hitman 2 are playable through hitman 3Players will be able to use ray tracing to enhance visuals of all locations in the world of Assassination Trilogy.

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As part of the ongoing partnership between Intel and io Interactive, hitman 3 Will use Intel’s XeSS technology, which uses machine learning to improve performance without sacrificing image quality. The PC version will also receive support variable rate shading, which helps in boosting performance.

io Interactive also took this opportunity to confirm hitman 3 Steam will release on January 20th, marking the end of the 1-year exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store. The developer has confirmed that hitman Fans on Steam will have access to all the new features being added to the PC version, and purchases made within the first 30 days will include the Trinity Pack, hitman 3of pre-order bonus, free of charge.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of ray tracing support for the console versions of hitman 3, Although it already looks good on the next generation of consoles, ray tracing in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Each scene highlights its harsh effect on the scenes. Fans on consoles can expect some form of ray tracing to be implemented later hitman 3of life cycle.

hitman 3 Currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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