Despite being one of the first Games of 2021, hitman 3 There has been success from critics and fans alike. io Interactive plans to continue riding that wave of success with Tees hitman 3Year 2 of the material, as its predecessors have done before.

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Since its inception, hitman 3 is receiving a steady wave of content that is continuing the already wide game. The biggest new content coming to the game was seven Deadly Sins The DLC series, a 7-part expansion work begins with Agent 47 taking down the titular Christian sins. season of greed in March. hitman 3 is in the last session of seven Deadly Sins, ns season of anger, which brings the ongoing story closer to the time for new content next year. Back in September, io Interactive also announced that hitman 3 The team had expanded, though without much specifics, possibly due to continued content. hitman 3 continuously receiving.


In a new blog post, io Interactive reveals some of its plans regarding Year 2. hitman 3, Before jumping too far into the announcements, io Interactive begins with the announcement that hitman 3 is now the “most successful” hitman Game of All Time,” brought in 50 million players with the World of Assassination trilogy. With no signs of slowing down, io Interactive brings to light some upcoming features that its PC players will exclusively enjoy next year , which includes ray tracing support and VR compatibility. All players will have a new game mode to watch in Elusive Target Arcade, a new variation of the classic Elusive Target formula.

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Hitman 3 Year 2 Complex

A few more details on PC enhancements, IO Interactive “Committed to Bringing the Best Possible Performance and Optimization [its] PC players.” While the game has already received support for PCs with 8+ CPUs and variable rate shading, in 2022, ray tracing finally arrives. hitman 3 Earlier on PC after not available on any platform. In addition, the PS4 and PS5 versions hitman 3 PS was launched with VR compatibility, but the feature will finally appear on PC in January 2022, with more technical details coming in the future. year 2 hitman 3 Officially starts on January 20, 2022.

Of course, it’s great news to see IO Interactive and hitman 3 The team continues to flourish. The new features coming to the game are largely aimed at PC players, but everyone benefits in the end, as it shows that the team is still dedicated to developing the Hitman 3 experience, especially “[REDACTED]”Major update coming next spring. If it’s anything seven Deadly Sins Update, so players should have another year of content to look forward to. Now IO Interactive just needs to give an update on that James Bond The game it’s working on.

hitman 3 Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: io interactive

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