Hitman 3 VR is coming to PC next year along with ray tracing

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After a year of DLC content released via seven Deadly Sins Expansion, hitman 3The second year of K will include even more for fans, as long as they’re playing on PC. The game’s second year of content has been announced by io Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak, and although it doesn’t include new contracts or goals, PC players will eventually get to play the game in VR and with ray tracing enabled.

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According to Abrak, who said in the video Posted on Hitman YouTube channel, Hitman 3 VR An Elusive Target will launch on PC in January alongside Arcade. This time, Hitman 3 VR PlayStation is exclusive to consoles, possibly because the game has an exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store on PC. However, with that deal expiring in 2022, the game could come full steam with VR.

It’s unclear what the elusive Target Arcade will include, though it will likely provide players with a new way to gun down the game’s older targets.


Ray tracing is also going to be a hit hitman 3PC version in 2022, though it doesn’t have a concrete release date yet. IO hasn’t said whether other PC-specific features, such as support for DLSS or FSR, are also to come. hitman 3,

Along with those new features, IO Interactive is also working on more mainline content for hitman 3, According to Abrak, the developer currently has “more maps, new story, new modes and new ways to play,” all of which are coming in 2022. Abrak also teased that the developer is working on some “surprises” for its community.

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