IO Interactive’s hitman The franchise has been a huge hit since it was rebooted a few years ago. This includes its latest release with an incredible Live DLC roadmap, which has led to hitman 3The team will expand in the coming months. It shows that through its sophisticated mechanics and assassinations there is still plenty for fans to enjoy the series. The reboot is available at several different storefronts, including the GOG Store, where some fans have expressed their disappointment for this particular release.

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The 2016 reboot was released at Storefront under the Game of the Year Edition moniker. However upon release, hitman The title’s use of DRM led to immediate reviews on the storefront. This main concern was raised due to the need to always have an online connection, even when a fan is playing the game offline in single-player mode. The second concern is due to’s “DRM-free” stance, which has been broken by hitman. Even with a 70% discount on the game’s release, this was not enough to assuage players’ disappointment. The reaction was so intense and toxic that it forced the game to be removed from the GOG store.


This removal announcement was posted on the forums on behalf of team member Chandra. The update informs fans that following the feedback, the team investigated the matter with this release. The post states that those who were offended by this were right in the place where the state’s hitman was issued justifying its removal from GOG’s catalogue. Given that the game had a review score as 1.4 out of 5 stars before it was taken down, fans and their feelings were heard.

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Chandra’s post has prompted him to apologize for the confusion with this release, with Storefront continuing his talks with IO Interactive about the game and how to proceed. there might be a chance for hitman To reappear on the GOG store in case the DRM was removed, although nothing has been brought forward about that specific topic in the post.

The post ends by praising the feedback Chandra has received on the game’s release, and hopefully improving its communication with GOG fans as well. As GOG is still in talks with IO Interactive, there is no indication as to whether the game will return to the DRM-free format as of this writing. Some fans on the forums praised GOG for taking the right action regarding this release, with some hoping that hitman You can also return to the shop.

Hitman: Game of the Year Edition Available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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