After a slower than expected release schedule in late 2021, Sony is looking to start 2022 with a bang. January brings Kratos’ latest adventure God of war for PC, while PS5 players will get the full experience unsolved experience through Legacy of the Thieves’ Collection, and then Gran Turismo 7 Debuting PS5 in March. However, for many PlayStation fans, the month of February is the game to watch. Horizon: Forbidden West,

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Marketing continues to grow as the game’s launch date approaches. Fans have already got a good taste of what Alloy’s upcoming adventures will be like thanks in large part to gameplay, including last year’s battle with the new Tremortsk Machine enemy. Horizon: Forbidden West The game seeks to expand and build on the foundation of the first game, adding new gameplay mechanics such as underwater exploration and traversal capabilities, as well as lots of new machines and enemies to fight.


latest trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West Shows the various tribes that Eloy will come across on his journey to the West, including both friendly and actively seeking to stop the player’s quest. Tribes of the Forbidden West sees some returning factions as well as the more militaristic Karja and crafting-focused Oseram tribes, which shouldn’t be too surprising given the errands already shown in previous footage.

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The trailer also highlights some of the new tribes inside the Forbidden West. Located in an area known as Plainsong are the Utaru, who make their home in scorched areas that currently threaten to wipe out all life. In an attempt to recover the land, peaceful Utaru can be seen and heard singing in unison.

In the far west, players will come across Tenakath, a clan broken up into three distinct factions that are linked by a very fragile peace. The members are covered in tribal paint and now face a new threat from a rebel faction led by a man named Regalla. The trailer shows him in battle riding various machines such as the previously mentioned Tremortsk as well as clostriders such as raptors.

Horizon: Forbidden West There appears to be another part of Sony’s plan for the franchise. More recently, Guerrilla Games not only helped unveil plans for new PlayStation VR2 hardware, but it also announced a new game called Horizon: Call of the Mountains, This VR title is a collaboration between Guerrilla and Firesprite, offering fans a whole new adventure in the world horizon, While not much is known about the title, a short gameplay snippet showed the new characters interacting with a giant communication class machine known as Tolneck.

Horizon Forbidden West Will release on February 18th for PS4 and PS5.

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