Some people spend so much time wondering whether or not they can do something that they never stop thinking about whether or not they should. That’s true for the creator of disturbing fan art that links Sora, whose beloved protagonist Kingdom Hearts, and Mr. Clean, the mascot of the cleaning supply brand by the same name. The result is horrifying, yet fans are not looking far from it. To be fair, it looks like a decent amount of work was put into creating the fan, and it’s impressive in some sense of the word.

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Sora is known for being kind to all, forgiving of mistakes, and optimistic. He cares about his friends more than anything, and he has come to the rescue of the whole world several times. Conversely, Mr. Clean has no place in Kingdom Hearts, and its primary purpose is to sell soap and cleaning supplies. The two have very little in common, but this fan art changes that.


The art below shows the standard image of Mr. Clean with his arms crossed, but there are some notable differences. Players will likely see a full head of hair at first, as the usually bald mascot Sora looks like a wig. This editing was probably easy enough, but the rest is where the artist’s skill starts to shine. Instead of wearing his plain white shirt, Mr. Clean wears Sora’s outfit Kingdom Hearts 3. The artist did not lag behind on this part.

nothing like before From
Kingdom Hearts

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Seeing Mr. Clean in Sora’s extravagant clothes is really a sight to behold. The chains around his neck, oversized gloves and a shirt with too many zippers are all there. The cherry on top that connects these two unlikely characters is the phrase “simple and clean” at the bottom. In the comments, other Redditors can’t decide whether the image is funny or disturbing, blessed or damned, and many people think it belongs in r/blrsedimage.

Internet investigators have already found the initial source of the art, which appears to be from a Redbubble store by artist Kawaii. Players interested in the sticker for any reason can purchase it from their store for $2.50. Creativity is always welcome, and the Kingdom Hearts community encourages creativity, but this blurry sticker is definitely something else.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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