House temporarily raises debt ceiling, averting default

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The House of Representatives followed the Senate on Tuesday, voting 219-206 to raise the federal debt limit and officially avert a potential default.

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why it matters: whereas With Congress pushing the debt ceiling issue for now, the fight over a final resolution will be even tougher in December – when lawmakers will need to address the problem once again.

  • The $480 billion increase would allow the government to avoid default until at least December 3.
  • By then, the two parties will likely be in the same place they were just a week ago: Republicans hinder Democrats’ efforts to lift the ceiling, and Democrats insist they unilaterally expand it through a budget reconciliation process. will not do.
  • Meanwhile, Congress will also face other deadlines in December – including funding the government, annual defense spending, President Biden’s infrastructure package and Democrats’ nearly $2 trillion social spending package, among other legislative priorities. .

description: The House went back from a day’s recess to deal with the debt ceiling issue. More than 150 members voted by proxy to avoid travel.

  • Some Republicans, who have consistently opposed helping Democrats tackle debt limits, were disappointed with Tuesday’s legislative business, noting that the House did not directly vote on a debt limit extension passed by the Senate.
  • Instead, the bill was “deemed” passed when lawmakers voted on a rule governing debate for three other bills, including raising the debt limit.


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