How far Americans will go to beat Omicron

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Today marks two years since the discovery of a mysterious new virus in Wuhan, China. Fast forward to today, we are battling the latest COVID-19 edition and another pandemic winter. We delve into the latest Nerdshala-Ipsos poll that shows the specifics of how weary Americans are from the pandemic, and what they want the government or business to do about it.

  • Plus, why newspapers around the country are suing Big Tech.
  • And, where is the jet stream? Stunning December weather from coast to coast.
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guests: Nerdshala’ David Nether, Kristal Dixon, and Andrew Friedman.

Credit: Nerdshala Today is produced in partnership with Pushkin Industries. The team consists of Niala Boodhoo, Sarah Kehoulani Goo, Julia Redpath, Alexandra Botti, Nuria Marquez Martinez, Alex Sugiura, Lydia McMullen-Laird and David Toledo. The music is composed by Ivan Viola. You can reach us at [email protected] You can text questions, comments, and story ideas to Niyala as text or voice memos at 202-918-4893.


go in:

  • Nerdshala-Ipsos Poll: Reducing Omicron
  • Georgia newspapers take Google, Facebook to court
  • Stuck Jet Stream Brings Blowtorch December to Lower 48, Cold Alaska


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