How genetic scientist Vicky thinks Ring Fit Adventure helped her climb Mount Snowden

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We are talking to real people who use Ring Fit Adventure every day for various reasons and in this latest installment, we are talking to genetic scientist Vicky who has been using the game for years.

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Vicky tells us how his job can be quite demanding, especially when it comes to work which can be mentally exhausting, which is where Ring Fit Adventure comes in. After a long day, she knows she can turn to Nintendo’s fitness gem and get physical. Giving his mind time to rest, which he doesn’t get from his job.

It has also added benefits to the real life adventures they go on. Last year, Vicky and her husband went to Wales to climb Mount Snowdon, easily overcoming the toughest route in 3 hours. Vicky credits Ring Fit Adventure for being able to cope with this huge effort by indulging in a comprehensive healthy and balanced lifestyle, the sport helping him develop the muscles and stamina he needs to go on that walk. was needed.


Now it’s time for another challenge, and in Vicky’s case, it’s time to take on Dragos. Her job is to see if she can replace bodybuilding with her obsession at the end of the world. For Yours Action However, we’d like to see you beat Dragax in whatever world you’re currently playing in. So whether you’ve just started your fitness journey or are following on Dragax, send us your clip of us besting Purple Beefcake in Ring Fit Adventure Boss Fight!

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