How the smart home and home office are evolving

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Over the past year, home security has become more important than ever, especially as more businesses adopt hybrid working and millions of people make work from home a part of the new normal. In fact, ADT saw a 78% increase in the number of DIY security cameras sold in 2021 compared to 2020.

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With the changing workplace dynamic and limited social engagement, we are spending more time at home and it is important to develop plans to help keep our families safe. Whether you’re one of the millions of employees working remotely or a self-employed business owner, it’s important to make sure you have the right home security systems in place.

Smart home technology can increase safety and security at home, but do you know how to use it to its full potential?

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home management


There are thousands of options for integrating intelligent features into your home to improve your work from home environment and staying connected and aware of what’s happening when you work outside the home. For example, the right smart home technology can help you keep an eye on all family members while you are busy with work. Consumers can easily access the cameras to use their smart home mobile app to check on children or pets that may be playing outside the house or in any other room. When kids are finished with their schoolwork, you can remotely turn on their favorite television program via Smart TV or turn off Wi-Fi when they have access to a screen to finish their day. be full time

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stay connected stay connected

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Over the years more and more time has been spent on virtual calls. Tools like Google Home in Each Room allow users to quickly communicate with family members throughout the house, even during Zoom calls. You can instantly mute yourself on a call and broadcast a message to the device in other areas of the home, whether you’re letting them know when you’ll be out on call or even setting a reminder that the kids can play soccer practice. so that once you sign off you can leave quickly.

Camera devices can help you monitor packages and even accept deliveries while you’re done. You can check on the mailman and remotely open the garage so they can put the package in and close the door behind them, so you know your mail is safe. It never hurts to be able to check out your front porch or driveway quickly and easily from your mobile phone.

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what will happen next

The right smart home automation can not only identify a problem, but also take action to fix it, while ensuring your safety and the safety of your home. In the future, it will look like predictive security. Smart home systems will be able to know how users are working and adjust accordingly. For example, the lights in different parts of the house may turn on at the same time each day, depending on where your family is entering specific rooms. Or external cameras can spot a mailman and know to open the garage door to accept the package.

assessment of options

Most importantly, consumers can make sure they have a system that works for their needs when they think about incorporating smart security into their home. Here are five additional considerations when creating the safest and smartest home security around, not only for your family’s safety but also for your home workspace.

Set up a system that works for you

Home security is evolving and there are now many different options when it comes to smart home security set up. Many customers use a “do it for me” approach where smart home security technicians come in and completely install the system for you. Technicians can explain all aspects of your security system and the best use cases for each product you are installing. Another method that has recently gained popularity is “do it yourself.” As consumers become more familiar with using smart technology, many people are opting to self-install their systems with the individual products they choose. Whether you have a professional installation or do it yourself, it’s important to make sure the system creates a safe home that works for you. Another aspect to watch is professional surveillance services where experienced professionals are looking for you day and night. Since most DIY customers usually opt for professionally monitored systems with addons like 24/7 life protection and theft monitoring.

choose the right technology

There are many different technology options when it comes to smart homes and choosing the right technology is an important factor in creating a system that works for you. not that complicated though business security systemOf course, some users may want to include multiple cameras and video doorbells for surveillance to check people or family members who stop near the home. Others may want to install smart lighting and motion sensors in separate rooms so that family members never have to enter a darkened room. And others want to use thermostats not only to monitor the temperature in the home but also in places like the extra freezer in the garage to make sure extra food is at the right temperature.

Set Routines for the Optimal Work Environment

Everyone knows that the right environment can make for a more productive day. Smart home technology has evolved so that we can create a more ideal home office. Users can create smart home schedules and routines to automate home and workspace. For example, they might turn on all home office lights in the morning just before the start of the workday and turn them off at night when it’s time to wrap up and set the ideal temperature for the space.

take control of the go

When you must leave the house, use a mobile app to remotely monitor your home. It’s now easier than ever to monitor a video feed from your phone and remote arm or deactivate your system as needed. You can receive instant alerts when someone is on your property or use smart lighting features to indicate that someone is home.

Choose a Trustworthy Provider

Work with a trusted provider to protect not only your family and valuables, but your office’s technology as well. In office buildings, security is paramount with surveillance systems, auto lock doors and more so why not make sure your home is working the same way by using a trusted provider to have your system installed.

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