How to attract last-minute holiday shoppers: 4 ideas to try

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Attracting last-minute holiday shoppers should be at the top of your strategic retail and e-commerce agenda as an SMB owner. Last-minute seasonal buyers are more likely to buy at least one product, And They are usually more open to offering suggestions as they take the mental stress off their already busy to-do list. Make it even faster for them to shop from you with the best POS system.

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Holiday shopping started a long time ago last year. Worried about the crowd in the Kovid-19 era, Shoppers begin stocking goodies in September, Yet, despite the global health crisis, the average buyer still remains 53% of their purchases till December 2020. This suggests that regardless of global events, you can count on late-season buyers to increase your sales each winter.

In fact, with Covid-19 vaccination rates increasing in 2021, late shoppers are likely to make a comeback with confidence. A global study highlighted by predicts, “The first unrestricted Christmas since the onset of COVID-19 will see a 6.3% increase in retail sales in the six weeks leading up to Christmas, compared to spending in the same period.” Compared to £79,7bn made in 2020.” What a difference a year makes.


Your business title in all of this? Late holiday shoppers are great news, because they give you the opportunity to capture some last-minute sales, both online and off. Read on to try these four easy ways to cash in on the last-minute holiday shopping rush.

1. Create a Gift Guide

Last-minute buyers are nervous and often out of ideas. An easy way to catch them is to give them some inspiration for the gift they were looking for.

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To do this, consider creating a gifting guide. Put together a collection of your products that would make excellent gifts, especially items that can be sold together as gift sets. For example, if you sell a duvet, include some pillows and sheets in the gift guide so that your customers can gift the ‘perfect night’s sleep.

Hiring a guide can also increase last-minute sales opportunities. Try offering gift guides at the entrance of your store to offer customers ideas for what they need as they shop. Having a guide by your POS system can also be inspiration if the customer wants to shop for another friend or family member. Online retailers can put together their gift guide as a landing page, like modcloth,

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