How to be a superhero the Hawkeye way (according to Kate Bishop #1 preview)

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Kate Bishop is back in her series ahead of her MCU debut in Disney Plus “Hawkeye,” and she’s moving back to her hometown of New York City (with Pizza Dog in tow).

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In the upcoming limited series Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, writer Maryke Nijkamp and artist Enid Balam are ending their West Coast era despite “living your best Hawkeye life”.

see preview of Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #1,


in an interview with stirBishop is inspired to return to NYC after investing in a “weird, murderous fancy resort,” says Nijkamp [called Resert Chapiteau to] Solve a mysterious jewel robbery.”

Kate Bishop was introduced in 2005’s Young Avengers #1 as the daughter of a wealthy Manhattan family who attempted to become a trained fighter after surviving sexual assault. After seeing the Young Avengers on an early adventure, she teams up with Cassie Lang to learn more about them – and eventually joins the team using pure weapons from the Avengers Mansion.

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Bishop eventually gravitated to Hawkeye and his archery skills, and was named Hawkeye by Captain America because of Clint being dead at the time. Clint eventually came back to life, and he himself endorsed his codename and they became a pair.

That team-up will be the center of the upcoming Disney Plus show Hawkeye, with Hailee Steinfeld as Kate and Jeremy Renner as Clint.

Here are the Enid Balam character sheets for Hawkeye: Kate Bishop:

“I love Kate. I love her snark,” Nijkamp says. “I love the way she jumps first and asks questions later, but still always finds some way. What a time to be a BEST Hawkeye fan!”

Jahnoy Lindsey designed the primary cover for Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #1, and stars Phil Noto, Enid Balam, Todd Knocks (a ‘Headshot’ version), Scotty Young, Tony Fleeks (Arsenal Comics and Sailfish Comics exclusive). Will join variants. ), and Bengal (two versions, both specific to Things from Another World). Here are the ones issued so far:

Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #1 (out of 5) goes on sale November 24 – the same day the Hawkeye TV series debuts on Disney Plus.

Learn more about Hawkeye / Kate Bishop,

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