How to buy an Xbox Series X on Black Friday

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This year’s Black Friday Xbox Series X deals will likely stick to accessories and games, like the console’s stock status. However, we’re hoping that there will be some Xbox Series X restock action on Black Friday. That means there’s a glimmer of hope for anyone aiming to get their hands on the console before the holidays, but it’s actually far easier to buy an Xbox Series X on Black Friday.

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Xbox Series X restocks have been incredibly hard to take advantage of over the past year. With stock drops sold out in mere minutes and those flocking to retailer sites to secure your own inventory, it’s been difficult business to come out of a restock with a console actually under your arm. But it’s not impossible.

We’ve been tracking the Xbox Series X Restock saga since the console’s release, and have picked up a handful of tips and tricks that will keep hungry punters looking straight through to checkout. With so many retailers (and shoppers) gearing up for more stock this week, it pays to know how to buy an Xbox Series X on Black Friday.

The best Black Friday Xbox Series X deals are live right now

How to Buy Xbox Series X on Black Friday


Whether you’re up against the December 25 deadline, or you just need one more shot at checkout, knowing how to buy an Xbox Series X on Black Friday comes down to setting everything up ahead of time. is, knowing where to be (and when), and an animal forcing its way through the noise. You’ll find all of our top tips right below.

1. Sign in and save your info before Xbox Series X restocks

The checkout is a dangerous place during an Xbox Series X restock. One of the biggest disappointments we hear from shoppers is that the console is ready to go, only for it to disappear as you move on to the final stages of your order. Seconds are precious here, so we recommend signing in to your favorite retailers ahead of time and saving both your payment and shipping information. The fewer clicks you have to make when the clock is ticking, the better your chances of actually buying an Xbox Series X on Black Friday.

2. Consider Retailer Loyalty Programs

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As scraps intensify for Xbox Series X stock, retailers are keen to jump on the bandwagon. Stores like Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop now give their members early access to certain console stock drops. You’re competing against a fairly small pool of buyers here, so it pays to invest a little in your search if you keep coming up short. Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to give yourself the best shot at buying an Xbox Series X on Black Friday, considering how competitive this sale can be.

Walmart Plus – $12.95 per month

Walmart Plus – $12.95 per month
Walmart is giving members early access to Xbox Series X restocks, and up to four hours in advance of Black Friday deals. There’s a 15-day free trial for Grab, but the fine print states that this special treatment isn’t available to those during the trial period.

Best Buy TotalTech – $199.99 annually

Best Buy Totaltech – $199.99 annually
It’s a hefty cost, but Best Buy is holding back some console restocks for its TotalTech members. It’s still a lot of cash, but if you’re also after extra support and product protection, it might be worth a look.

GameStop Powerup Rewards – $14.99 annually

Gamestop Powerup Rewards – $14.99 annually
The GameStop PowerUp Rewards program is a very easy price to swallow. For $14.99 per year you’re getting first access to new console drops while earning points on your purchases as well as tons of extra rewards.

3. Aim for Bundles

The easiest way to buy an Xbox Series X on Black Friday might be to stretch your budget a bit. If you’re interested in picking up a few extra games and accessories from day one, you’ll probably have a much easier time scoring yourself a console.

That’s because we see bundles stay in stock for longer than standalone consoles. This is largely due to their high price tag, so be prepared to fork out a huge amount up front, but scalpers also stay away from these offers, which make them easy to scoop up, especially during competitive events.

Most retailers will offer everything within the bundle at their normal MSRP, though it’s worth making sure you have a vague idea of ​​how much the biggest games and peripherals cost so you can quickly gauge the value of the packages on the shelves. be able to assess.

4. Get in Touch with Retailers and Xbox Series X Restock Trackers

It’s hard to stumble across an Xbox Series X restock, though it’s not impossible given the amount of time shoppers will spend on retailer sites on Black Friday. That said, you’ll want to make sure you know where and when you need to be. That’s where retailers come in. Stay up to date on sites like Walmart, Target and GameStop and pay attention when they drop new Black Friday ads. That’s where we’ve seen several announcements over the past few weeks, so you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​where you need to be.

If, however, you don’t receive a pre-alert of your opportunity to buy the Xbox Series X on Black Friday itself, we recommend that you keep a close eye on Twitter. Using a service like Tweetdeck to organize a series of stock checker accounts on one easily scannable page means you’ll be in the middle of the action the same day, and you won’t have to refresh your feed as much. .

5. Stay Fresh

If you spot the chance to buy the Xbox Series X on Black Friday, you’ll want to make sure you grab it. If you see signs of a shortage in stock, keep refreshing the retailer’s listing page, and open a few tabs to give yourself the best chance.

Retailers often release consoles in waves to make sure their sites can handle the order volume, which means you shouldn’t ignore the out of stock button until at least 15 minutes after the initial drop. Keep reloading the page with a chance to catch the start of the next wave.

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