How to find the best M.2 SSD for expanding PS5 storage

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Sony playstation 5 For owners who are running out of storage space, it will now be easier to add additional storage. That’s because the PS5’s additional internal M.2 SSD slot is now open for business, as long as you have a compatible drive. Previously, it was only available to people with a beta version of Sony’s PlayStation OS.

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Before, and before beta, you can still add An External Drive for PS4 Games, but it could only play PS4 games. PS5 games can be stored on an external drive, but cannot be played.

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These super fast M.2 drives are pretty hard to find right now, especially those with a built-in heatsink. This is necessary to prevent overheating, so if your drive doesn’t have one, you’ll need to add it manually. For example, the popular Samsung 980 Pro doesn’t come with a heatsink attached, but the company plans to release one with a version later this year.

For those who already have an M.2 drive, check out our how-to video below:

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Sony has listed some specific guidelines for what types of drives the PS5 will support, but not specific model recommendations. Based on the published specs, however, the SSD drive options listed below should all work. We are in the process of testing some of them, including The 4TB Seagate FireCuda 530 We Installed in This How-To Feature.

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