How to heal and revive teammates in Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 There are many ways for players to heal themselves and each other. Two of the 10 playable experts come with the power to revive fallen allies. However, players have access to other healing items in order to coordinate within the cooperative squad. Shots do a lot of damage, so a quick recovery should be a priority. Here’s everything you need to know how to fix Battlefield 2042, along with some useful tips and tricks for resurrecting fallen comrades.

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Battlefield Healing 2024

Unlike in previous games, players do not have bandages or first aid kits in their inventory. Unless you’re carrying a medical crate or med pen, there’s no way to heal yourself on the fly. How you feel about this is completely your own opinion. Self-healing players after quick engagement need to find alternative methods.


You will passively recover when you are out of combat. If you’ve taken a few shots, you’ll need to find a place to hide for a few seconds while your health regenerates. However, the current state of the game 64 has some places to hide from the other players, especially when 70% of the fight is around one or two objectives.

Healing Items in Battlefield 2042

Medical crate on gear screen in Battlefield 2042.

There Are Only Two Equipped Gadgets That Can Fix You Battlefield 2042, They are medical crates and med pens. Players will start with a medical crate available to them, but the med pen must be unlocked by reaching level 26.

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Like Call of Duty’s Stim Shots, the med pen is a quick jab at hand that will restore you to full health. However, they take the place of your gadgets, thus sacrificing team-benefit items like medics and ammo crates. This also means no anti-vehicle gadgets such as Recoilous M5 rockets or C5s.

Medical crates are more beneficial as they will heal any teammates standing nearby. Plus, they’ll continue to heal you as soon as you take potshots from behind the cover. Med pens are one-and-done, where medical crates help you maintain your base.

Battlefield 2042. the medics

With 10 specialists to choose from (and several on the way through the season), there are only two who can revive fallen comrades. They are Falk and Angel, and both work in two different ways.


Falk holding a child from Battlefield 2042.

Players met Falk in the beta and learned all about his healing pen and full-health revival. to revive a fallen mate Battlefield 2042Look for the blue EKG symbol (heartbeat monitor) that appears on the battlefield. If it is a squadmate, the symbol will appear green. Remember, medics can revive anyone, while squadmates can only revive others in their squad.

Run to them and press the appropriate button to take out your defibrillators. After about two seconds, your teammates will revive in the prone position and can return to the fight. When Falk revives people, she will restore them to full health.

Falk can use his Siret pistol to heal wounded teammates, but can also use it to heal himself. Self-heal works like a med-pen without giving you any gadget spots.


Angel from Battlefield 2042.

Angel is the all-around utility man Battlefield 2042, That loadout can call in drops, allowing teammates to refill on their current loadout or change to a new one entirely. Remember the One Man Army Perk from call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Angel’s loadout crate is essentially the same thing.

The loadout crate also benefits players, especially when they find themselves wishing they had a sniper rifle right now. You can call one for yourself and swap in a different class if the situation requires it. Plus, the loadout crate has a short cooldown, so once you’re done sniping, you can go back to your previous orbit. Tank-Buster players can use loadout crates to refill rockets. Huge amount of damage to vehicles Battlefield 2042, so you’ll never destroy a full health tank with the M5 rocket in hand. When you run out of explosives:

  • Call in dropout loadout.
  • Approach the box and interact with it.
  • Choose the same class you were already using (or a different class with M5 rockets, C5, or any other anti-vehicle gadget you prefer).

Angel will see the same EKG symbol to revive teammates and squadmates. However, instead of restoring them to full health, he would provide them with armor. If they can stay out of combat for a moment, or if Angel even drops a healing crate nearby, his patients will return to full health and with armor. In addition to the loadout crate, Angel can also drop ammo and armor pouches to his teammates.

Revitalizing Tips and Tricks

The life of a doctor is not easy. You will be running from open bullets to save the lives of your fallen comrades in blatant disregard for your own safety. So here are some useful tips and tricks in which to play the role of a doctor Battlefield 2042,

For starters, you can slide into your revival. Run to the fallen ally, start a slide, and catch him revived button as soon as you are prompted. As you pull your pedals, you will continue to slip, making you a tough target for the sniper who has just taken out your patient.

To double-down on slide-revive, you can keep moving while someone revives. Suppose a teammate fled from cover and shot himself. You can get close enough to start again and then slowly come back to cover the backpedal while still reviving your partner.

If the whole team is progressing, you can keep moving, reviving anyone. In short, never stand still while reviving someone. Static medics make for the smoothest kills in any battlefield game.

Finally, as players learn how hard it is to grind for weapons in Battlefield 2042, playing medicine is a great way to cultivate XP. You will get 50 XP with each revive. Revive enough teammates at the end of the match to earn the Medic Ribbon, which gives an additional 1,000 XP.

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