How to Join FaceTime Calls on Any Device

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now when we With more time spent on video calls, Apple has decided to make its FaceTime app available on a wider range of devices. With the rollout of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey this year, you can join FaceTime calls from a web browser, opening them up to users on Android and Windows as well.

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The key word there is “join”. Apple hasn’t gone as far as enabling users to initiate FaceTime calls or access a list of contacts from non-Apple devices. There’s no official FaceTime app for Android or anything similar—just a simple web interface you can jump into from any device running the browser.

Along with your updated iOS, iPadOS, and macOS software, you’ll also notice other improvements to the FaceTime app: a Zoom-style grid interface is now available, as well as background blur for your calls. However, the most important change is the ability to join a call from any device, and that’s not difficult to do.

start facetime call

FaceTime now lets you create shareable links.

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FaceTime via David Neal

As we’ve said, you still need an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to start a FaceTime call—you can’t launch video chat from Android or Windows just yet. Load FaceTime on your Apple device, and instead of entering a number or email address, choose to initiate Contacts as you normally would. create link option instead.

You then get a variety of options to share this link (tap) add name To give it a proper name.) You can copy it to the clipboard, for example, or send it to another app like Messages or Mail. If you don’t share it right away, it will still be available on the front screen of the FaceTime app, so you can share it later if you want.

Anyone you give this link to will be able to join your FaceTime call—no password protection or login required, although you do need to accept requests to join the call as they are made. Every link you create remains active until you delete it, which you can do by tapping the Info button next to a link and selecting delete link.

You can join the call by tapping the link you created, then selecting Join. When other participants follow the link you shared, you will see a pop-up alert asking if you want to accept them. If someone follows the link before you actually start the call on your behalf, they’ll see a holding page (and you’ll get an alert saying they’re trying to join).

join facetime calls

Joining a FaceTime call couldn’t be easier.

FaceTime via David Neal

If you’re joining a FaceTime call from a non-Apple device, the process is pretty straightforward: Click on the FaceTime link provided, and you should see the FaceTime interface loading in your default web browser (note that this is a very simple process). bar, only Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge support FaceTime calls).

All you have to do is provide a name from a web browser to identify you on the call: there’s no need to log in with your Apple ID, or even an Apple ID. Joining a video chat may not be that easy, so it’s important that you protect the links to your FaceTime calls closely—for example, it’s not a good idea to post them on any kind of public forum.

You may need to allow your browser to use your device’s microphone and webcam, and then you’ll see a preview of your video feed. When you’re happy, click Join. Assuming that the person who sent you the link lets you in, you’ll be connected, and from that point on everything works more or less as it would on a normal FaceTime call.

If you’re connected to a call via a web browser, you get some basic FaceTime controls: You can turn your microphone and camera on or off, for example, you can share a link to a chat with someone else if necessary. You can share with, and you can access the new grid view that FaceTime just added. What you can’t get from a non-Apple device is any type of screen or document sharing feature. To end the call from either end, select Relieve.

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