How to make a Portal in Minecraft

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When you walk through the plains and the mountains and the forests of Minecraft, while marveling at all the virtual beauty that seems to extend forever, a sinister dark side awaits. Monsters and other earthly entities have fortresses to explore, chests to loot, and unique resources to collect. This guide walks you through how to make a portal Minecraft So that you can step into these nefarious places.

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1 Hour

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what you need

  • Minecraft

  • Minecraft friendly console

  • Water Bucket (in-game)

  • Diamond Pickaxe (in-game)

  • Lava (in-game)

  • Iron Ore (in game)

  • Gravel (in-game)

  • furnace (in-game)

  • Crafting Table (in-game)

Here we show you how to create two portals: one leading to the Nether Biome and the other to the End Biome. While you may be eager to revisit a final ship and want to build an ultimate portal right away, you need an item from the Nether Fortress to build the portal, which can be difficult to find on your own. This means that you must first create a Nether Portal.

Build a Nether Portal: My Obsidian Block

This is an involved process, so we’ve divided the instructions into four parts.

Obsidian blocks form the frame for your Nether Portal. To get obsidian, you need a bucket of water, a diamond ax and a pool of red-hot lava!

Phase 1: prepare your water bucket and collect water.

Phase 2: find a pool of lava And bathe it with water.

step 3: When the lava cools, retrieve water Using an empty bucket.

step 4: my resulting obsidian Using a diamond axe.

Build a Nether Portal: Build Flint and Steel

This is what you need to light the obsidian frame and build the Nether Portal. Here you need two types of ores: iron and gravel. With gravel, just hit it with anything — including your hand — until the flint is no longer visible. Iron ore must be smelted in a furnace to make iron ingots.

Phase 1: open your furnace,

Phase 2: keep iron ore In the top square.

step 3: keep fuel lowBasically, anything that burns – including wood, charcoal, and coal.

step 4: drag the resulting iron ingot down your list.

Note: As shown above, you can put more than one iron ore and one fuel into the furnace to make multiple iron ingots at once. The furnace will continue to smelt until one or all of the resources are exhausted or you turn off the furnace.

Next, with flint and iron ingots now in your inventory, you can make flint and steel tools.

Step 5: open your crafting table,

Step 6: hold an iron ingot In the top square in the left column.

Step 7: keep a flint In the center square in the middle column.

Step 8: pull flint and steel tools down your list.

Build a Nether Portal: Build a Fire Charge (optional)

This is an alternative way to ignite the obsidian frame, but it requires a component dropped in the Nether. Here’s what you need, and here are the steps:

  • blaze powder – Made by inserting a blaze rod into the crafting table’s center square. A Blaze Rod is dropped by Blaze, who guards a Netherland fortress.
  • gunpowder – Obtained by killing the creeper or by opening the box.
  • Coal – Coal is mined from ore, which you can find 4 to 15 blocks below the surface.

Phase 1: open your crafting table,

Phase 2: keep an ammo In the left square in the top row.

step 3: keep a blaze powder In the middle square in the top row.

step 4: keep a coal In the right square in the top row.

Step 5: Drag the resulting three fire charges Below your…

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