How to “not crash” into reality and arrive in backstage rooms

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You are alone and disoriented, waist-deep in the water of the pool. Wandering aimlessly through an interior room with wall-to-wall tiles, your memory eludes you. After passing through the light-filled doorway, the next room is the pool and the next room. Shit. Your anxiety builds, but soon you find a small ledge to get out of the water.

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There is no time to relax. A shiver runs down your spine as you hear a mysterious splash in the distance. When you try to see something disappears around the corner. You continue to follow the ledge. The splash sounds closer. A walk turns into a run, which turns into a sprint. You slip and fall and hit your head on wet tiles and everything turns black. When you wake up to the smell of chlorine, everything starts to come back. You are trying to escape the Backrooms.

What are utility rooms?
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Backrooms is not a real place. According to Vicethe concept originated on 4chan in 2019 with a single creepy image of an interior with fluorescent lighting. original photo caused a strong reaction on the Internet, and it is difficult to capture its essence. The image, often referred to as an office space, has neither furniture nor people. The viewer looks out through the hallway, pasted over with assorted yellow wallpaper, and at an empty room covered with a cheap brown carpet. You can partially see another open passage, but the view is blocked.

In response to the photo, online posters imagined a place outside of our world, an abandoned labyrinth filled with damp carpet that can only be entered by slipping through the cracks of reality. In video game culture, this destruction of reality is often referred to as without clipping. The unreal place is divided into levels with different environments, potential monsters and survival ratings.

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Backrooms are considered creepypasta and follow in long, long steps of Slenderman around 2010 but the concept predates that. Crowds of people on the Internet become obsessed with a frightening basic idea. They write a lot of fanfiction, expanding the horror story, stretching it to their own vision and moving away from the original intent. Viral videos from amateur filmmakers generate additional public interest.

I first encountered Backrooms creepypasta during a bout of insomnia last month. YouTube video titled “Rooms with a pool (found footage)”, from the channel Jared Pike was recommended to me. In the video, the camera operator is wading through shallow water. My first two paragraphs above are an imaginary encounter within his creation. New York artist’s instagram page is a bastion of partially flooded interiors.

In the description of the video, Pike notes the influence of Kane Pixels. Pixels is the online pseudonym for a 16 year old visual effects artist from California. His most viewed video from earlier in 2022 is “Back rooms (found footage)”, has over 26 million views on YouTube. Notable figure on the active r/backrooms subreddit, the praise the Pixels are receiving is well deserved. His recent “Back rooms are pitfalls” The video is truly terrifying with its flawless, high-quality production, which includes the use of motion capture from Rococo Smartsuit Pro II.

TikTok dominates today’s social media landscape, and creepypasta Backrooms has found another welcoming home in the short video app that segments of users are eagerly consuming. various conspiracy theories and creepy lore. native american skinwalker legend trending on the platform in 2020.

BUT viral tiktok shows edited footage of Google Earth zeros in Japan and shows an otherworldly crater inside a large building with a flying robot nearby. Insider reports that the Japanese building shown in the video is real and from the old water park, but Google Earth does not allow you to look inside.

lone player effect

What separates Backrooms from Slender Man and other previously popular creepypastas is what I call the lone player effect. The expression of alienation is more complete. A man without clips in Backrooms, completely cut off from reality, and he is all alone. Slenderman was a towering figure of imagination superimposed on top of the real world. You can try to run for help if you are being chased by the Slender Man, but you are cut off from society and face the monsters alone in the Backrooms.

The pent-up feelings from the decades-long pandemic that spurred social isolation likely contributed to the audience’s fascination. Dan Erickson, creator and showrunner thriller in the workplace Severance, said input that Backrooms was one of the many inspirations for his television series.

At the height of Slendermania, creepypasta influenced video game culture with YouTubers like Markiplier plays Slim: Eight pages around Halloween in 2012. free game on steam and dedicated Roblox experience, but the culture of video games is woven into this creepypasta. The building blocks of Backrooms, with crowdsourced levels and monsters, are the product of a culture addicted to video games en masse and looking for more creative outlets.

Now that you have a little more information about where Backrooms came from, you really should continue looking for a way back to reality. Finding your way home is almost impossible, and the shadows are getting closer.


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