How to pick the best keyboard case for the new 2021 iPad Pro

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NS 2021 iPad Pro there is a new M1 Processor, a new releases (on larger models) and Optional 5G, But as before, this iPad doesn’t come with a keyboard.

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Keyboard cases for iPad Pro add a lot to the picture, especially with trackpads. The cases that house both a keyboard and trackpad really feel like they help turn the iPad into a laptop. Granted, the OS is different. But Apple’s support for keyboard shortcuts and multitouch trackpad gestures Works really well on iPadOS. Last year, I compared options, This year, I am doing the same thing.

iPad Pro Keyboard Alternatives: Logitech Combo Touch (left), Magic Keyboard (middle), Bryz Max 12.9+ (right).


Apple’s own fancy and expensive magic keyboard matter. Two other manufacturers are also worth noting: Logitech makes a keyboard-detachable case with a kickstand that’s perfect for Zoom/FaceTime calls using that new zoom-in. Center stage camera, while the Bryz has a new case with a much larger trackpad and a design that feels closest to that of a laptop.

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They all have their advantages, and all work well, but I still prefer Apple’s Magic Keyboard for its size/performance over the others. I tested all of these on the 12.9-inch 2021 iPad Pro, which isn’t compatible with many older accessories due to its slightly thicker size. The smaller 11-inch Pro works with any 11-inch iPad Pro accessories that go back to the 2018 model, and the 2020 iPad Air as well. The prices below are for the 12.9-inch keyboard version.

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