How to use Safari extensions on your iPhone and iPad

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with some extensions to try

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One of the easiest kinds of software to quibble with is browser extensions: those cool little applets that let your browser do what you want it to do. And one of the best things about iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 is that you can now add extensions to the Safari browser. Even though this is a new feature that has been launched with the latest iOS version, there are already many useful extensions available for you to add.


What follows is a detailed rundown of how to add extensions to your Safari app – while we described the process using an iPhone, you can follow the same basic instructions with an iPad. We’ve also included a sample of some extensions you can try.

how to add extension

  • Tap on the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and choose Safari > Extensions.
  • All the extensions you have already installed will be listed here. If you want to see what’s available in the App Store, “more extensions” Tap on (You can also simply go to the App Store and “Safari Extensions” You can search.)

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In your Settings, go to Safari > Extensions to view your current extensions and get new ones.

  • Once you’ve installed your first extension, you’ll see a small icon on the left side of Safari’s address bar. “puzzle piece” The icon will appear. Tap on it, and the menu that pops up will include your current extensions and “manage extensions” Selection will be included, which lets you toggle your extension on and off.

Installing a new extension from the App Store is easy.

Once installed, you can manage your extensions from the Safari address bar.

Once installed, you can manage your extensions from the Safari address bar.

Some Extensions to Try

This is just a small sampling of some of the extensions that you can now access through the App Store. While there aren’t many extensions available yet (as in, compared to the number of extensions for Chrome), it’s a pretty safe bet that there will be a lot more to come in the next few months.

Emplosion ($2.99)

amp, which “accelerated mobile page” is a web format created by Google to optimize search results for mobile browsers. However, if you do not want Google to make changes to the webpages you upload, you can use Amplosion to redirect the AMP links that appear in search results to normal mobile links.

noir ($2.99)

When you’re browsing at night and you’ve set your iPhone or iPad to dark mode, you’ll often hit a website that’s bright enough to make your eyes water. Noir allows you to set a dark mode for all the websites you visit.

1password (subscription required)

1Password is a well known and respected password manager. If you’re a 1Password user, no doubt you’ll want to add it to your mobile Safari app.

Super Agent for Safari (free)

This handy extension automatically fills out the website’s cookie consent form based on your preferences, which can save you a lot of time and irritation.

web inspector (free)

Something for developers: An app that lets you inspect the HTML coding of a website, modify it, debug it, and do other essentials.

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