How to use the iOS app tracking blocker

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Apps need to ask your permission to track you during installation

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Privacy is on everyone’s mind these days. Last spring, iOS 14.5 introduced a new privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency, which pleased its users, but didn’t like Apple to some other companies — notably Facebook. This feature is still available in iOS 15 along with some new privacy features.


Many apps not only track your activities inside the app, but they track your activities outside the app – in other words, where you go after you leave the app. This is why you see ads in Facebook and other apps for the products you were viewing on Amazon or other sites.

Prior to 14.5, you could go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking and “Allow apps to request tracking” You can turn off tracking for all your apps. The version that first appeared in iOS 14.5 allows you to be more specific. To begin with, when you install a new app, you don’t need to do anything; You are automatically asked if you want the new app to track you.

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New apps must ask permission to track you in order to personalize their ads.

Now it is up to you whether to allow each app to track you or not.

Now it is up to you whether to allow each app to track you or not.

If you want to see which apps have asked for permission to track and possibly change your tracking settings, you can simply visit the same tracking page. There, you will be able to grant or revoke that permission. Therefore:

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings and select Privacy > Tracking.
  • “Allow the application to request tracking” Underneath, you will now see a list of specific apps that have asked for that permission. You can allow or revoke that permission for each specific app.

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To change settings for specific or all apps, go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking.

and you still “Allow apps to request tracking permission” to turn off permission for All of your current (and future) apps.

(Note: At first, the app tracking transparency feature was misbehaving for some people; it either didn’t respond, or Tracking toggle was grayed out. On May 3, Apple released the 14.5.1 update, which was supposed to fix the problem. According to Nerdshala, the fix didn’t work for some people; However, at least one employee ledge reported that his toggle was no longer gray. No such problem has been reported recently.)

Update April 27th, 9:20AM ET: This article has been updated to add a note about issues with the new feature.

Update May 10, 2:50 p.m. ET: The note about problems with the new feature has been updated.

Update October 13th, 5:20PM ET: This article has been updated to acknowledge that iOS 15 has shipped.

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