How to Watch Movies in Virtual Reality

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bots and . with With console resellers snatching away many people’s chance to buy a PlayStation 5 or a new OLED Switch directly, virtual reality headsets were a popular gift during the holiday season. Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 Exclusively Seasoned Related app downloads boom Going into the new year.

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Whether you just finished slashing through Beat Saber’s Lady Gaga music pack or need a break from the Horizon workroom, VR headset owners can take the time to back up and stream a movie. (She supernatural The workout can start by tomorrow, you’ve earned it.)

Apart from a few experiences, watching a movie with a VR headset doesn’t mean you’re immersed in the action. When streaming in VR, your avatar is often placed in a virtual room or cinema with a 2D viewing screen.


Streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video have native apps for Quest that are easy to download. Video-on-demand rentals through YouTube or Bigscreen require a few more steps, but the process is straightforward. Other movies can be accessed on the VR browser or downloaded to the headset.

Although it takes a few minutes to set up the Remote Desktop client via BigScreen, the process is suitable for those who have video files saved on their computers and use the headset primarily at home. Our guide to watching VR movies focused primarily on the Quest 2, but some tips apply to the HTC Vive and the Valve Index.

How to Stream Netflix Movies & More
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From don’t look up To dusk, you just need to download netflix app To watch streaming service movies in VR. Once the app is downloaded, active members can sign in and new members can sign up for Netflix. (Personally, I recommend looking at fear street Trilogy of movies for a little creepy, bloody fun.)

Amazon Prime members can stream movies in VR prime video app, All you have to do is download the app and log in to your profile to start watching movies foreigner, the big sick, And Jennifer’s Body,

Have a Showtime subscriber? The service is pretty typical, but showtime app lets you experience Moonlight and other award winning movies with VR headsets.

how to rent a movie

If you want to rent recent movies to watch in VR, youtube app Offers a huge catalog of movies at various price points. free guy Available to rent for $6 while Dune Costs a whopping $25. Additional YouTube rental highlights include: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar ($6), no time to die ($6), and wig ($5). After renting a movie from YouTube, you are given one month to start streaming and 48 hours to finish the movie.

Another essential app for watching movies on your VR headset big screen, It is basically a virtual movie theater where you enter different environments and stream movies alone or with other people. The rental selection isn’t as extensive as YouTube, but popular movies like arrival ($4), top Gun ($5), and titanic ($5) are available. Unlike in the physical world, if you’re streaming rentals with friends in VR, all you have to pay is the fee.

Do a VR Browser Workaround

What about all streaming services without native apps? HBO Max, Hulu and Paramount Plus may not have VR apps, but headset owners can open websites in a browser as a basic solution. firefox reality app Is on Oculus and works more consistently for video than other VR browsers.

Open Firefox in VR and visit the website for the streaming service you want to watch. Use your member information to log in and start watching movies. This method is a bit clunky and less reliable than streaming from a dedicated app. If any issues occur, you can troubleshoot the issue by toggling between mobile mode and desktop mode in Firefox.

watch movies from your computer

The Bigscreen app can be used for more than just movie rentals. Any movie available on your PC can be streamed in VR. It’s possible to load movies onto your Quest 2 for offline viewing by plugging the headset into a PC with a charging cable. Insert the headset and allow data access for the connected device.

Once this is done, Quest 2 should appear as a tool within this pc tab. Load any entertainment you want to watch in Movies Quest 2’s folder. Restart Bigscreen on your headset and in Watch select section video player and then local video files To access downloads.

Staying home for the evening? It’s not necessary to download all those movies to your headset to watch in VR. With a PC, go bigscreen website and click download And remote Desktop, After it’s downloaded, log in to the same Bigscreen account on your PC and VR headset.

Now that you’re connected remotely to a desktop via BigScreen, it’s easy to boot up and stream any saved files. This feature will not work if you have an active VPN or if the devices are connected to different Wi-Fi networks. For more information on streaming movies with other people, check out Step-by-Step Video from Bigscreen,

Know when to take a break

The straps of the VR headset may not be comfortable enough to wear during long movies. trying to watch netflix Irishman One meeting is likely to be an unpleasant experience with Quest 2.

That said, streaming movies in VR is great for users who want to watch entertainment alone or connect with friends who have headsets. (Don’t worry if the people you want to watch a movie with don’t have a headset. There are many other options for hosting a virtual movie night.)

While it’s fun from time to time, I can’t see myself relying entirely on VR for movies anytime in the near future. The communal aspect of sitting next to family and friends on the couch whenever possible still has a very strong appeal. Plus, the popcorn is real.

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