How to watch the Beijing Winter Olympics: Everything to know

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Activists set up a Winter Olympics-themed Chinese knot installation in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.

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It looks like the Olympics have just ended, but the Beijing Winter Games are about to come. the pandemic pushed 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics A year earlier, which means the Winter Games are starting six months after the summer competition ends.


Tokyo Games were a publicized conflict, Despite strict quarantine rules, several athletes and others associated with the sports tested positive for COVID-19.

The Beijing Games are already complicated for a number of reasons. The United States, Australia, Britain and Canada have announced diplomatic boycott of the gamesThat is, top government officials will not be involved. The boycott is aimed at protesting China’s human rights issues. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki specifically cited “genocide and crimes against humanity.” But the boycott affects only those politicians who will participate as spectators. Countries are still sending their athletes.

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Here’s a rundown on all the information you need to know about the upcoming event:

When are the Winter Olympics?

The Beijing Winter Olympics will hold the opening ceremony on Friday, February 4. The closing ceremony will take place on Sunday, February 20.

how to watch the olympics

Beijing is eight hours ahead of the UK time zone, 13 hours ahead of the US Eastern time zone, and 16 hours ahead of the US Pacific time zone. (And for those in Australia in the AEDT time zone, Beijing is three hours behind.) Evening programs, including the popular opening ceremony, will air in the morning US time. full schedule of events is already live. Here’s how to look at the competition in different ways:


NBC is broadcasting the Games, so if you find your local NBC broadcast channel, you can watch the Olympics there.


If you want to have more control over what events you watch at certain times, NBC streaming service Peacock will show all events both live and on demand. and

If you have a cable TV log-in, you can stream live events on both And,

more options

Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu Plus Live TV will broadcast Olympic events.

New Winter Olympic Events

There are seven new sports at the Beijing Winter Olympics:


This Women’s only bobsleigh event One person show. The athlete must push his bobsled, jump into it at the right time and drive it across the icy track. Women also race in two-man bobsled and men race in two- and four-person bobsled teams, but only women will compete in monobobs.

Mixed Team Ariel in Freestyle Skiing

skiers perform in teams of threeEach team shall consist of at least one male and one female. Athletes ski on ramps and perform fancy flips and twists in the air. Individual scores are added together, and the highest scoring team wins. Unlike ski jumping, where the ramp is flat at the end, Aerial ramp shoots straight into the end, propelling five-story skiers in the air.

Men’s big wind in freestyle skiing
Women’s big wind in freestyle skiing

Snowboard Big Air was already an Olympic event, but now skiers are taking their shot. In events like the mixed-team aerial event described above, skiers attempt their best twists and jumps after skiing down a 60-foot ramp. The larger aerial competition lets athletes jump three times and add up the points scored on their best two jumps.

Mixed team relay in short-track speedskating

Many events this year are offering mixed-gender teams, and it short-track speedskating relay is one of them. Four skaters, two men and two women, each form a team and they cover 18 laps of the track, with each skater running twice during the relay.

Mixed team event in ski jumping

mixed ski jumping teamsLike speedskating, it will feature four athletes – two men and two women. Each skier jumps once, and jumps are made for distance covered and jumping style.

mixed team snowboard cross

snowboard cross is a race that involves large air jumps and high-banked turns and involves multiple athletes competing on the same course at the same time. Each team has one man and one woman. When the first athlete completes the course, the start gate automatically opens so that their teammates can descend the hill.

Getty Images-1237675575

Workers prepare snow at the capital’s indoor stadium ahead of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

What are the COVID-19 precautions?

The Olympics are taking place in Beijing, China, about 650 miles (about 1050 km) north of Wuhan, where the coronavirus was first discovered two years ago. You can bet that no one associated with the Olympics is forgetting this fact.

The organizers of the games are implementing something extremely strict rules,

  • Only residents of China can participate in the Games.
  • The audience is allowed to clap, but asked them not to shout their support.
  • Support staff, including waiters and cleaners, are not allowed outside the Olympic venue to visit their families.
  • Olympic participants leaving the sports arena to travel to other parts of China must spend at least a week in quarantine, followed by at least two weeks of isolation at home.

Who can participate in the Olympics?

As mentioned above, no non-Chinese spectators will be allowed to participate. New York Times report That “vaccinated foreign athletes, coaches, coaches, referees, journalists and certain others” could enter the country without the usual two-week quarantine, followed by one week of home confinement.

Where is the next Winter Olympics after Beijing?

The next Winter Olympics are scheduled from February 6 to 22, 2026 in the Italian cities of Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo. This is the only future Winter Olympic venue that has just been announced.

For the Summer Olympics, Paris will host in 2024, Los Angeles in 2028 and Brisbane, Australia in 2032.

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